Wednesday Writing Update #1

Hello fans, thank everyone for supporting an unknown Independent Author. I know it’s past the middle of the year, but with so many projects going on I thought a weekly update was necessary, hence the reason it’s number 1.

My goal this year is to release four books, one of those will be a second edition, of the first book I released back in May of 2014, Demons of the Jungle. You can read why I decided to write a second edition in my blog, When is a second edition needed?

Demons of the Jungle second edition was released in Feb, 2016, so that’s one down. Demons of the Jungle is on sale at Amazon in paperback and eBook. You can order an autographed paperback edition from my website.  To read all about the creation and other information on  Demons of the Jungle just look under the Category ‘Demons of the Jungle’ on the left hand side. Demons of the Jungle Price: $5.99 for paperback $2.99 eBook, Demons of the Jungle is also available for NOOK and other readers.

My second release this year, Witch’s Dilemma, a Levi West novel and part of the LACN Investigations Series, is at this time in my WIP file. The manuscript review is complete, the corrections made , the first round of edits has also been completed along with the final proofread from the editor.  Witch’s Dilemma is now ready for the last in-house proofread, which is in progress. The cover art is complete, the inside illustrations are in the process and scheduled for completion 8-26-2016. Once they are complete I will place them in the manuscript, and send it to my formatter. The blogs leading up to the release of Witch’s Dilemma will begin posting here on 8-5-2016 and will continue for eight weeks. The book is scheduled for release 10-21-2016. The teaser has already been written; Witch’s Dilemma Teaser. A book release party is scheduled for 10-21-2016 at Atomic Nashville, this is an event you don’t want to miss so mark your calendars.

The third book,  I hope to release, Rise from the Ruins, this book is also in the WIP file. The manuscript is in its first draft,  80% complete and  scheduled at the editors by 8-1-2016.  Rise from the Ruins is also a Levi West Novel in the New Era Series, a paranormal thriller. Rise from the Ruins, starts Levi’s adventure when he turns 18, and inherits the billion dollar fortune his family has left him. Between his personal demons and mental disorders, plus the paranormal activity at the ranch and the fact that part of his job is to defeat them, he is not real sure he can take over or even wants to. Will a visit from his deceased grandmother and mom change his mind. Will a trip to the Garden of Sun, an uncharted and unheard of place on the ranch do the trick? Will he continue to fall for his best friend Elena, or will her being in the will cause problems? Will he be able to handle the two people he despises, Charlotte and Tiffany? Tentative release date for this book is 11-25-2016.

The fourth book titled A Princess and a Rebel, this book is also in the WIP file, the manuscript is in its first draft and only 30-40 percent complete.  A Princess and A Rebel is a twisted love story between an author and his publicist who is fighting for his attention while his divorce is still haunting him. This will be my first attempt of writing erotic, however the sex is part of the story, not the story which has a strong plot and a surprise ending.  The manuscript has not been scheduled yet for a review with the editor. The two above books that have not been released, I’m sure will make it to market this year. This one I’m not to sure about, but going to give it my beat shot.

Until next Wednesday keep reading and enjoying life, we only live once.

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To see how Joseph got started in writing read Numbers to Words: My Journey from Engineering to Writing


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