The Characters: Fort Worth Government

Issue #34
Blog #13-2016
Section: Witch’s Dilemma
Blogger: Joseph Clay
#3.1 FWPD
From L – R  Detective Raymond Samson – Chief Jerry Simms – Detective Mark Teal

Now that we have covered Valerie Bell and her crew, and know that Valerie’s goal in life is to get into politics, this week we will cover those in political office, both city and state.

Will Valerie be elected or appointed to one of these offices, or will one or more of her skeletons break down the door of the closet and put a halt to that dream?

The following legend will let you know the role played by each character: (LR) – Lead Character; (MR) – Major Character; (SR) – Supporting Character; (MI) – Minor Character; and (HM) – Mentioned Character.

Heidi Wallace (HM), aka Mayor Wallace – Mayor of Fort Worth. Since taking over as Mayor of Fort Worth, the corruption that plagued the City Government is now a thing of the past. Heidi is in her last term as Mayor and everyone in her political party is pushing for her to run for Governor of Texas, as the poll numbers indicate she would win by a landslide, so she has her eye on the Governor’s mansion.

Megan Thomas (SR), aka Meg, Doctor Thomas, Luscious Legged Linda – Director of Mental Health, City of Fort Worth, ex-wife to Buck Thomas. Megan is an athletic individual as she believes a strong mind and body is the key to good health. Megan is well respected in her profession and has been appointed by the Mayor to speak in Washington on the importance of mental health. Megan has enlisted the help of Doctor Valerie Bell to help her prepare for the Washington conference; the two have also become friends, and can be found with Heidi at least every other day at the local YMCA, working out together. The divorce was rough on Megan, but she is getting better day by day. Since Eddie has been in college she has developed and prescribed for herself a special type of therapy to help her rebuild her self-esteem. During this therapy Megan has become smitten with a lady friend of hers and a very special man. She’s in a dilemma: she knows one is lust and the other love, but she is having too much fun to decipher which is which. Megan knows that Heidi may be the next Governor and she wants to follow her up the ladder to become the Director of Mental Health for the state, and take her faithful secretary, Sandra (HM), with her. That means at this time her special therapy and her love life need to stay under wraps. The Mayor would not approve of the therapy, and one of her two lovers is married.

Buck Thomas (SR), aka Senator Thomas – Texas State Senator, ex-husband to Megan Thomas. The divorce proceedings between Buck and Megan were off-limits to the public and news reports. Afterwards, the documents, judgements and details of the divorce were sealed. Everyone figured the judge handled the divorce this way because Buck and Megan both hold political offices. Eddie Thomas (HM), their only child, knew a divorce was coming as there were several rumors floating around that his mom was having an affair with a businessman in town; other rumors claimed that she was participating in activities of which the Mayor would not approve. Eddie’s dad has issues with anger, and it is rumored he has no problem slapping the women in his life around to get what he wants. Eddie has a hard time believing any of this about his mom, as the mayor – who is quick to dismiss those under her who have questionable morals or bring scrutiny to the office they hold – is sending his mom to Washington to represent the city at a mental health conference. Eddie figures if anyone is to blame for the divorce and his mom’s death, it is his dad. Eddie has to know the truth, so he has turned to a local private investigator, Dirk Fulton (MI), and his girlfriend, Angelina (HM), to find out what really took place.

Jerry Simms (SR), aka Chief, Chief Simms – Chief of Police, City of Fort Worth, Texas; husband to Doris Simms (HM). Jerry Simms, like Megan Thomas, was put in his position by Mayor Heidi Wallace’s demanding request. The Mayor, Megan and Jerry are all very close. Everyone knows that if Heidi becomes Governor and Jerry runs for Mayor, he will win the vote; the poll numbers back their thinking. Jerry Simms has always been in law enforcement; he is living his dream. Before becoming Chief he served 20 years with the Texas Rangers and has an impeccable history, known for going by the book while weeding out those who bend the law to their advantage. His department is run firmly, fairly and consistently. The steady decline in crime numbers year after year, down by 80%, speaks for itself. Jerry is a hands-on chief and frequently participates in investigations with his team, Detective Mark Teal and Detective Raymond Samson. Jerry Simms has only two blemishes on his record, both of which he is obsessed with removing: they are unsolved cases. The first was when he was a Texas Ranger – in his eyes the Salem Stake murders were never solved, even when the special task force closed the case – and the second happened while he has been Chief – a theater shooting that happened in Fort Worth. Has Salem Stake come back to haunt and taunt him with another case he can’t solve?

Raymond Samson (SR), aka Ray, Detective Samson,, Ray-Ray – Senior Detective, City of Fort Worth, Texas; ex-husband to Amy Samson (MI). Ray Samson had a criminal background as a youth growing up in Detroit. At 18 he was given the option to join the military for eight years or serve ten years in prison for assault and battery, distributing and selling drugs, and armed robbery. Ray took the first option and served in the United States Army as an MP. With a clean record, thanks to his military service, once discharged he moved from Detroit to Texas and landed a job with the Fort Worth Police Department. Samson, a great detective in his own right, worries Chief Simms at times, as he reverts back to old-school police work when no one is looking. Samson and Internal Affairs are on a first-name basis. Jerry Simms keeps a close eye on him and normally works the cases he works. Landing a civil service job has meant that his military time and time on the force will join together, allowing Samson to retire long before 65; his goal is to be done by 45. His plan is foolproof, or so he thought until his divorce from Amy shattered his dreams, as she is now entitled to half. This doesn’t sit well with Samson, and he has turned his back on Amy and their three kids in pursuit of adventures to make lots of money to ensure he meets his goal of not working when he is an old man. Will his cash-making schemes make him rich or jeopardize his pension, making all involved suffer for his mistakes?

Mark Teal (SR), aka Detective Teal, – Detective, City of Fort Worth, Texas. Mark Teal is an upcoming star. He has moved through the ranks quickly and is the youngest detective with the Fort Worth Police Department. Jerry Simms has partnered him with Ray Samson, hoping that some of Teal’s grace and demeanor will rub off on Ray. Jerry has taken it upon himself to take Teal under his wing, and expects him to step in and take his place when he retires. Mark, with all his excellent qualities, does have one fault: he loves women of power. This may come back to bite him and put a halt to his fast-moving climb to the top.

Robert James (SR), aka Doctor James – Chief Medical Examiner, City of Fort Worth, Texas. Doctor James is excellent in his field and runs a tight ship. He is biding his time until a job opens up with the State Medical Examiner’s office, so he can get his foot in the door and maybe work with Mike Jackson, the Chief Medical Examiner there. At times he resents Chief Simms as he and Mayor Wallace are tight; Simms often threatens to call her when James tries to cut corners to save the city money and time. James is single but has his eye on a particular woman; he believes she is in love with him and they are waiting till the time is right to make their announcement. Will his feelings for this woman cause him to make mistakes on the new case that has everyone in a dilemma? Will she send him up the creek without a paddle?

Next week we will cover the characters of LACN Investigations. Will they take on Valerie’s case, and if they do, will Valerie like not being in charge?

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