The Characters: LACN Investigations

Issue #35
Blog #14-2016
Section: Witch’s Dilemma
Blogger: Joseph Clay

#4.2 LACN Badge

Lakota and Cherokee Nation Investigations, known as LACN Investigations, is owned by Carven Smith, Iris Clark, Beverly Clark and Levi West. The main office is located in Dahlonega, Georgia, in the East Dakota corporate office building.

Will Valerie be able to hire this firm in time to get her out of the mess she is in, or will they turn their backs on her like everyone else has?

The following legend will let you know the role played by each character: (LR) – Lead Character; (MR) – Major Character; (SR) – Supporting Character; (MI) – Minor Character; and (HM) – Mentioned Character.

Levi West (MR), aka Bro, Cowboy, Big Evil, Crazy Ass White Boy, Batman – Special Investigator for LACN Investigations, business owner and/or partner of several businesses, philanthropist. Levi came to Texas with one mission, to protect the two young ladies who are in the care of Navarro Foundation, but will his decision put them in harm’s way? Levi has many business ventures that require a lot of his time. Given this and his unique mindset, Levi prefers only to investigate cases for LACN Investigations that utilize that mindset and his idea of justice. The new case that he has been asked to take on doesn’t fall into that category. Will his business partners and two sidekicks convince him to take the case? Levi also has several mental disorders; if he does agree to take on the job, will his client be bothered that he may be a true psychopath, as Doctor Sapp suspects? Can the client keep him in check, or is he really the one she needs to worry about?

Beverly Clark (MI), aka Bev, Sis, Commander, Vigilante with a Badge, Lady Sherlock, Little Evil, Crazy Ass White Woman – Lead Investigator for LACN Investigations, leader of an elite investigation team for a top-secret government agency. Beverly was the Chief Investigator of the Salem Stake slayings. Beverly is a master of disguise; her favorite persona is ‘Commander’, and when handling any investigation for work or the LACN, she stays in that persona until the case is solved or she returns home. Beverly has a stake in the job that Levi has been offered – can she convince the man who is like a brother to her to take on the case? Did she make a mistake in the past and has it come back to haunt her, or will she tie up the loose ends as she always has before?

Simon White (MI) – Investigator for LACN Investigations, pilot, logistics and electronics expert for LACN Investigations, Chief of Security for East Dakota L.L.C., pilot for East Dakota and Levi’s Life Flight company. When Beverly is on a case, Simon is close by, as the two are tight and Simon is smitten by her charm and looks.

Carven Smith (MI), aka Big C, Carv – Lead Investigator for LACN Investigations, Chief Operating Officer of East Dakota L.L.C., Chairman of the Board of Directors for East Dakota L.L.C., business owner and/or partner of several businesses. Carven is the go-to man for everything and is the rock pillar that holds everything up. Carven’s main job, however, concerns Levi; keeping him on his destined path is a job that is full of challenges.

Debra Wright (SR), aka Debs, and Patricia Mitchell (SR), aka Trish, are in care of the Basham House for Troubled Teens, a division of the Navarro Foundation. They were placed in their care after being rescued from an Alaskan avalanche, following a mysterious escape from the Congolese jungle. Navarro has enlisted Levi to take the young women back to Texas to get their lives back on track. The foundation has hired Drew Beck to make sure the women are not railroaded into a charge for a murder that they witnessed while they were actors in a Texas play. Along with the attorney, the foundation has also purchased the services of the best head doctor in Texas, Valerie Bell, to help them deal with their strange ordeal in the jungle. Will Levi, the lawyer and the doctor be able to help the two, or will they go to jail for murder? Even if they are cleared, what will happen to them? Can Levi keep them safe or is danger around the corner as they embark on a new adventure?

Next week we will wrap up the characters with the remaining (HM) Mentioned Characters. Then in the following weeks we will dive into the supernatural.

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 Witch’s Dilemma and blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.


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