The Characters: Rounding Out the Cast

Issue #36
Blog #15-2016
Section: Witch’s Dilemma
Blogger: Joseph Clay

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Every book has characters that don’t appear enough in the story to be considered minor characters, but that are vital just the same. They help the Major, Supporting, or Minor characters in times of distress, or to get a point across, bring about a disagreement, find a dead body, or maybe furnish a key piece of evidence or a clue.

The previous three blogs have covered the majority of these characters in Witch’s Dilemma, and this blog will cover the remaining ones in the book. The usual legend is not necessary as all the characters below fall into the (HM) – Mentioned Characters category.

Rachel – high school friend of Valerie.

Diane – high school friend of Valerie.

Carla – high school friend of Valerie.

Peggy – high school nemesis of Valerie, and girlfriend of Danny Woodson.

Doctor Mike Jackson – Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Texas.

Ann Jackson – wife of Doctor Mike Jackson.

Lisa Simms – wife of Jerry Simms.

Mister Donaldson – elevator operator at the Omni Hotel, Fort Worth, retired and working to supplement his Social Security income.

Robin – waitress at Bob’s Steak and Chop House located in the Omni Hotel, Fort Worth, divorced mom with two kids.

Rick Tess – self-employed private investigator, ex-military, suffers from PTSD. Has Rick taken a case pro bono for an old girlfriend to find dirt on her ex and maybe rekindle the old flame they had for each other while serving in the army?

Stephanie Mandala, aka Hot Lips Hanna – news reporter, exotic dancer at the Masqueraded Stallion.

Betsy West – Levi West’s grandmother, deceased since 2000. Betsy could be a Minor character or even a Supporting character, since she is a spirit and appears out of nowhere, sometimes with a vengeance. She has one job and she does it well: protecting her grandson. Betsy will also fight for the underdog and has no patience for people who won’t listen.

TH Dakota – owner of East Dakota L.L.C. TH is a ruthless businessman who runs his L.L.C. with an iron fist. He is known to show up, state his business to protect his company’s interests, and, once that is done, he is gone in a blink of an eye.

Doctor Helen Clarè Destone – psychiatrist for East Dakota L.L.C., medium to the spirits, specializes in helping those who have been affected by paranormal activity. Clarè is the busiest person at the ranch, handling the four non-profits that fall under the Navarro Foundation, along with the ranch. She is need of an assistant or another psychiatrist to help with the workload.

Doctor Rene Sapp – Chief Medical Director for East Dakota L.L.C.

Charlotte Green – Nurse Practitioner for East Dakota L.L.C.

George Steel – lawyer for East Dakota L.L.C., judge for the Noon Court, brother of Doctor Rene Sapp. George is a busy man as he was hired by the ranch at the beginning of the massive rebuild, which took almost two years to complete. Both George and Carven are on the Board of Directors of East Dakota L.L.C.; it runs smoothly so TH hardly ever shows up.

Elena Young – Public Relations Director for East Dakota L.L.C., Levi’s best friend.

That rounds up all the characters! We are on the downhill side of the blogs before the book releases on October 21, 2016.

The next two blogs will cover a documented haunting in Adams, Tennessee and the supernatural/paranormal acts that take place in this book.

The other blogs in the Witch’s Dilemma series: Texas Witching HourBook Teaser/Cover ReleaseValerie and Associates Fort Worth Government LACN Investigations The Bell Witch HauntingSome Things Can’t be Explained.

Witch’s Dilemma and blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.



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