I’m Back

Issue #39
Blog #1-2017
Section: From the Author’s Desk
Blogger: Joseph Clay


Happy New Year to All! I know I’m over a week behind, but it’s the thought that counts right!

After taking some time off for the holidays I’m back in front of the typewriter, well keyboard.

The last blog I posted was about Witch’s Dilemma’s release and the Halloween styled book signing on 10-19-2016. I’ll use my first post in 2017 to caught y’all up from then to now.

The book signing at Atomic Nashville was a blast, it was great to see everyone there.

Elvis was in charge of pulling the names and announcing the winners of the fabulous door prizes that were being given away every 15 minutes. The Marketing Mill owned by Tiffany Miller handled the Marketing for this event. and is a big part of its success.

The day of the event she along with her TMM Promo Team handled the serving of the tasty treats and beverages while engaging the customers. Tiffany made sure that plenty of smog filled the area singling it was time for another give away. The Bakers Dozen AKA The Queen, was also in attendance and helped out where and when needed.

I would like to thank the owners of Atomic Nashville for letting me through a party in their fine Book, Art and Music store.

The slide show below contains some the pictures from that night. As you can see we were having a ball.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the success of the Atomic Nashville signing I was contacted to do another one a couple of weeks later at the Hatchery in East Nashville.

One good thing about being self-employed, that’s how they classify an independent author, is you work when you want.

After the last signing I shut her down for the holidays. I use that time to plan out the next year, read and spend time with family.

Here is what I’m hoping to get done in 2017. We will see how it went when 2018 rolls around.

  • Writing: I hope to release 3 to 4 books this year.
  • Upcoming Book Review: G. Michelle is an author I meet at the book signing, of course I had no idea she wrote until we meet later. I decided to read her book over the holidays. Glad I did as she hit a home run (scored a touchdown for y’all football fans) right out of the gate with her first book Promise Me Always: Gabe & Evie (Bayou Romance Book 1). That review is scheduled to post before 1-20-2017. The post I do on what I learned from reading other authors will follow shortly afterwards.
  • Upcoming Interviews: G. Michelle has also agreed to pull up a chair and answer my twenty off the wall questions so we can get to know her a little better.
  • Upcoming Interviews: Tiffany Miller owner of The Marketing Mill did such an outstanding job promoting my event I’m trying to talk her to an interview as well. Her company can help a lot of authors new and old with promotions, events, and more.

Tell next time, keep reading and enjoying the escape a book can offer.


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