Issue #40
Blog #2-2017
Section: Writing Updates/WIP
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Joseph Clay - Back

Welcome and glad you came by to read the first Writing Update/WIP of 2017. I have a big year planned, now if it works out that way is yet to be seen as none of us can predict the future.


I have three writing projects I’m working on.

  • The Tales of Joe, is a collection of short stories from over the years. Most of them are dark tales, but there is some light that breaks through a page or two.
  • The Erotic Tales of Joe. Once again a collection of short stories written over time, or scenes that were kicked from a book due to content and restructured for this book.
  • The third Project and the one that will most likely be published first is the first book in The New Era Series – A Levi West Novel titled Rise from the Ruins. That title is subject to change to The Death of Thunder Bear or Charlotte Rises to Power, or something else.
Other Projects:
  • Book Review: The G. Michelle book review of Promise Me Always: Gabe & Evie (Bayou Romance Book 1) is in the works, maybe a few days late.
  • What I Learned about Writing from Reading Novels by G. Michell is also in the works.
  • Upcoming Interview: G. Michelle has the interview questions, and is working on answering them. So we will say this project is in the works, but out of my hands.
  • Upcoming Interview: Tiffany Miller, owner of The Marketing Mill has agreed to the interview, so be looking forward to that.

Till next time, keep reading and enjoying the escape a book can offer.

Yours Truly,


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