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From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author. Weekly Writing Update #2-17


I have survived another week of hair-raising, do we need to call the cops or ambulance to the hood, drama. I’m proud to be able to come to you once again with an update.

  • Upcoming Book Review: The G. Michelle book review of Promise Me Always: Gabe & Evie (Bayou Romance Book 1) is in the works, maybe a few days late, like I said I’ve survived drama this week.
  • Upcoming Interview: G. Michelle has the interview questions, and is working on answering them. So we will say this project is in the works, but out of my hands.
  • Upcoming Interview: Tiffany Miller, owner of The Marketing Mill has agreed to the interview, so be looking forward to that.
  • Joes WIP: I have three writing projects I’m working on and the status is the same as last week.

Wow look at this we got some typing room left, so lets discuss websites and blogs, namely mine. If you have been following me for long you know I have a blog here on WordPress, Joseph Clay – Author Official Blog I also have an Official Website, Joseph Clay -Author Note (Removed due to Website relocation 2-8-2017). Now keep those two sites in your mind as I dive deep into the nightmare of website design. Oh yeah as an Independent Author I wear many hats, besides my Stetson.

Over the holidays I had thought about a way of combining the two, I called WordPress and Go Daddy, host of the official website, as it turns out there was no way to do so, without some money exchanging hands. Hell I haven’t even got Christmas paid off yet, so that was out of the question. So I kept pondering.

Then last Friday, I got a text from Dan owner of  Atomic Nashville, he had sold out of Witch’s Dilemma, my latest release, and needed more. After tearing my rotor cuff and dislocating my shoulder from patting myself on the back I removed two books from my inventory and headed out. Atomic Nashville is only three blocks from the house so I was there in no time replenishing his table. Once done I looked around and it hit me like an ACME anvil dropping from the sky. Character, locally owned corner bookstores have character. I wanted my official website, that I sell my books from, to have character. Offer the readers something more than books.

The Revamp of both sites began that afternoon. The testing of the official website and official blog was tedious. I had every computer in the house locked into one or the other, East Nashville I’m sure lost all internet service as I was sucking it all up.

I’ll cover the good stuff first and get into the technical later. I changed the name of the official website to Joes Bookstore and More (Removed due to Website relocation 2-8-2017). Catchy don’t you think. To get that home town cozy feel of a mom and pop bookstore I began adding items, after all it is a store, but yet still my Official Website. I wanted to keep the merchandise book related, then I thought, Joe you like to have too much fun, so we need novelties and gag gifts as well. Then I decided we needed gift ideas also, that could range from Jewelry to Leather Jackets. I also decided we needed books, hell I only have two published, what’s a book store with just two books. My family has a huge library of books, they are used, but in tip-top shape, so some of those will be for sale. I’m also going to try to hook up with other Independent Authors and see if I can offer their printed books on the site as well. Sitting back I once again began to think, did I leave anything or anyone out. Right before I got a headache, thinking does that to me, it came to me. I had forgotten the kids. So I added a kids section pronto. We began loading merchandise to the store on Monday January 1-16-2017, with a goal of three to five items a day. Go on over to Joe’s Bookstore and More, and browse around. Do me a favor let me know what you think by dropping me a line.

Now for the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say. During testing I noticed it was too hard for retailers to order my books. You see not everyone can send me a text or is located as close as Atomic Nashville. I came up with a system that worked beautifully during testing and implemented it revamping the Retail Orders/Distribution tab, making it easier for other bookstores to place an order on consignment or below retail. Next problem I encountered, if you wanted to read the blog you still had to go to the official blog site. With close to 400 followers I couldn’t shut the official blog down, so I did the next best thing. I added a blog tab, to the official website. Now customers can read my latest blog from there and if they want more, you guessed it, there is a link to the official blog site. By the time I was done the Official Blog and the Official Website mirrored one another, with links between the two where needed.

Till next time, keep reading and enjoying the escape a book can offer and go shopping at  Joe’s Bookstore and More.

Yours Truly,

Joseph Clay


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