In the Name of Research (2-9-2017)

Issue #42
Blog #4-2017
Section: Writing Updates/WIP
Blogger: Joseph Clay


I hope everyone is having a good week and has recovered for Super Bowl Sunday.

Why they don’t make the Monday following the big game a holiday is beyond me.

No matter if your team won or lost I think we all can agree it was one of the best Super Bowl games in recent years.

Over the weekend I achieved a lot of writing in between the game and hearing.

“Josephus, it’s your Franklin, and I charge by the hour, you coming to bed?” Guinevere inquired as she lay on the bed smoking in more ways the one.

“Not now, Guinevere, got to get this story finished.”

“What about our research for The Erotic Tales of Joe?” Guinevere exclaimed.

“Not working on that one yet, but why don’t you get started with out me, and take notes.”

“That I shall,” Guinevere purred.

Now that weekend is over and Guinevere, after countless hours of research, has returned to her abode everything is about back to normal. Here is where we stand with the Writing/WIP/and other projects we have an the plate.


Tales of Joe – A compilation of short stories that have been written over the years, some dating back to 1977. At the present time the manuscript has five stories in it, with a total word count of a little over 30,000. Once I hit between 50,000 and 75,000 words Volume One will be complete. The titles so far:

  • Memories
  • Night of Dreams
  • Death of a Soul – Birth of a Killer (This tale is one of the darkest I have every written, and I can get pretty dark. It was so dark and twisted I let a few people read it including my editor. People either hate it, or they love it. I got the go ahead, with a few modifications to leave it in the book.)
  • The Birds of Peace.
  • Cursed; To Be or Not To Be. (This one is my favorite to date)

The Erotic Tales of JoeA compilation of short stories that have been written over the years, but mainly scenes that were removed from manuscripts that editors and publishers deemed pornographic, and had to go.

I pulled and filed them away hoping one day to get to use them again. See this is the reason you never throw anything you write away.

I have begun cleaning them up and writing stories around them. At this time there is only one story in the book. However fans of erotic not to worry, if  I had to, I have enough material to write this one in weekend if necessary.

Like with the Tales of Joe once I hit between 50,000 and 75,000 words Volume One will be complete. The lone tale so far:

  • To a Princess (I wasn’t sure which book this one went in, so my editor read it and decided The Erotic Tales of Joe was where it belonged.

Rise from the Ruins – This one should be headed to the editor soon and will be the first one to come out this year. This manuscript has been through the wringer so to speak. So next week’s blog will cover this one in detail.

Other Projects
  • Upcoming Book Review: The G. Michelle book review of Promise Me Always: Gabe & Evie (Bayou Romance Book 1). Has been written and will be sent to the editors over the next week. I have it scheduled to post on Friday February 24, but I’ll try to get it sooner.
  • Upcoming Interview G. Michelle: The questions are still with the G. Michelle. I talked to her yesterday and she apologized, but had good reasons why she wasn’t finished with them yet.
  • Upcoming Interview Tiffany Miller: I have begun working on Tiffany’s twenty questions about marketing and the services she provides. Tiffany is a gogeter so, getting her to sit still long enough may be an issue.

Till later  keep on smiling, makes yourself and others feel good along with making a few wonder what you have been or what you or up to.


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