Book review: Promise Me Always by G. Michelle

Issue #6-2017
Section: Book Review #1
Blogger: Joseph Clay

 g-michelle-2G. Michelle – Author

G. Michelle writes contemporary romances and is unapologetic about giving her characters not only a happily ever after, but also snarky comebacks and playful banter along with sexy males and hot steamy action.

“I myself am an avid reader of ‘smutty’ romance and like to include a little in my books. What’s a good read without it, right?” G. Michelle admitted with a a grin

She gleefully admits her addiction to coffee, depressing indie music, and Netflix.

When she’s not at her daytime job working as a Family Counselor—or, if you prefer, being a responsible adult, you can find her driving her family crazy with promises that she’ll only be ‘a few more minutes’ at the computer!

As you can see in her photo above she is strapped in for the ride. Trust me you too should buckle up as well and hang on when you read this tale, as the romance is a steamy trip down a bumpy Bayou road.

Joe’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Promise Me Always is the first book in G. Michelle’s Bayou Romance Series, with two more to come. I’m being totally honest when I say I can’t wait to read them.

Promise Me Always is love story of two people, Gabe and Evie, with an excellent and tight plot.

The tale is set in New Orleans, Louisiana, and you can feel the humid air, smell the magnolia blossoms, and sense the passion and deception from chapter one.

Was the deception intentional or was it by mistake? It could be that one character felt that deception was the only way to keep the truth hid. To them it was the right thing do and necessary to protect all involved, never thinking about the devastation it was causing those near and dear to them.

Will the truth ever come out and if so will it be too late to mend the broken hearts left in deceptions wake.

Yes this story is filled with twist and turns that will keep you guessing till the final page.

The sexual scenes are steamy to say the least and are scattered throughout the book. When the tension reaches its peak between Gabe and Evie, along with the readers, ‘BAM’ G. Michelle drops a sex scene in just at the right time. Not only are the love scenes tastefully done but are believable and told from each characters point of view.

Gabe and Evie or both strong characters and G. Michelle masterfully brings their flaws to the surface as well as their strong points.

The supporting cast is also full of colorful characters which makes the book more believable, as in the south family is everything, and that theme shows throughout the book. The dialogue is right on point for this part of the country and is filled with wit, wise cracks, southern humor and charm.

 What Did I Learn from the Author?

As you know I write these reviews from a writer’s perspective so, as a writer, what did I learn from this author?

First off, Promise Me Always, is G. Michelle’s first book and is as close to flawless as one could hope for. G. Michelle did not make any of the new independent author mistakes that so many do.

You have read from me over and over, that if you are an independent author, please don’t think you can do it all – you will just wind up releasing shabby work that hurts us all, and it will take you several books that are well done to recoup any readers you have left.

Nothing can be perfect, but you can get it as close as possible, as G. Michelle did.

Next, although this book has more back story than most it is appropriate and enhances the story instead of bogging it down.

That is the way back story is supposed to be used, and Phillip Margolin is a master at it and I use the same approach in my books. I did a piece on Mister Margolin and this technique when I reviewed, Woman with a Gun.

Usually if an author, especially a new one, writes too much of a back story it ends up not relevant to the story at all and slowss the story down, that is not the case in Promise Me Always.

The way G. Michelle changed point of views in the same chapter was a lot like the way Ava Bell does it in her book Miles from Home.

G. Michelle uses the line break technique that is unique. She justifies left and inserts the name of the character the point of view is coming from. I like this and see where in can come in handy during sex scenes, as we all know the woman and the man, who are tangling the sheets going at it are not thinking or feeling the same thing.

I also learned to keep the sex scenes real, they don’t have to be pulled off while hanging from a cliff one-handed.

I found it refreshing that you could tell Gabe and Evie were normal people who were making love but at other times having raw sex, they never came across as porn stars or contortionists, as not once did I stop and think, there is no way in hell you can have sex in that manner.

See we all can learn from one another and thank you G. Michelle for the lesson’s you taught me in your writing and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in this series.

There you go as you can see I feel this book is worth the dough. You will find the links below to bring home, in paperback or to your Kindle, Promise Me Always.

G. Michelle has also agreed to answer Joe’s Twenty off the Wall Questions, where we find out more about G. Michelle than is listed in her bio. Be looking for it soon.

Promise me Always Paperback
Promise me Always eBook

Connect with G. Michelle on Facebook

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