Help Me Choose a Book Cover

Issue #47
Blog #9-2017
Section: From the Author’s Desk
Blogger: Joseph Clay
© 2017 Rick Chappell

Welcome to Friday everyone the weekend is only hours away depending on what time line you standing in, but like the song say’s, it’s five o’clock somewhere.

This week I am asking for help from all of you. The next book I’m releasing is titled Thunder Bear which is book one in The New Era Series.

Now that name should ring a bell. I talked about in the post made on 2-15-17 titled – From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author: To Shred or not to Shred. This is the manuscript formally know as Rise from the Ruins.

I am close to wrapping Thunder Bear up and getting it over the great pond to Clare owner of Human Voices Editorial Services.for a manuscript review.

When I get to this stage of the process I start planning the art work. The rough draft will go to John Cannon so he can start the illustrations, and Rick Chappell and I have already discussed the visions for the cover.

Well as it turns out Rick came up with 5 different designs, and I can’t decide which one I like the best, so I decided to let y’all pick.

The process has no forms to fill out, you want be added to a mailing list, or be hounded by phone calls.

All you got to do is make a comment on this post or my Facebook page with the number of the cover you prefer. Polls will close Sunday March 26, 2017 at midnight.

With out further ado I present to you the choices for Cover Design of Thunder Bear.

All art work is protected under the copyright laws and may not be downloaded or used with out written permission by the owner Rick Chappell . © 2017 Rick Chappell

There you go, cast your votes I will update the results in my weekly blog letting everyone know which cover is winning.

Till next week everyone have a great weekend and be safe.



  1. Eddie,

    I like the first one. TB1. It caught my attention over the rest. As a reader that cover would make me want to read the book, because I would be curious about the story.


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