We have a Winner!

Issue #52
Blog #14-2017
Section: From the Author’s Desk
Blogger: Joseph Clay
© 2017 Joseph Clay/ Rick Chappell

I got up this morning and “BOOM” it was Friday. Then it hit me like a sledge-hammer, Joe you going to post a blog this week?

That sledge-hammer has a name, Tiffany Miller, who owns The Marketing Mill and handles my marketing, and trust me I ain’t easy to market. Any who it was her text message that brought the hammer down.

So before I get another knot on my head I’m thrilled to inform all of you that the votes have been counted and we have a winner.

I present to you the cover art for Thunder Bear!

Thunder Bear Cover Voting: Voting concluded March 26, 2017 Below are the the top 3 in votes listed by cover number..

  • TB-1 – 77 votes.
  • TB-3 – 89 votes.
  • TB-5 – 94 votes

To see all the covers click  here.

Till next week keep reading, writing and smiling,


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