Where has Joe been? (5-4-2017)

Issue #54
Blog #16-2017
Section: Writing Updates/WIP
Blogger: Joseph Clay


Hello my faithful followers and readers. A lot of you are wondering, and I don’t blame you, why I haven’t been posting any Writing/WIP updates? What’s going on, the last post was on March, 31, 2017 over a month ago.

I normally don’t tie my writing blog with my personal one but since I also vanished from social media all together I wrote a blog explaining me and S.A.D titled Has S.A.D. Driven Joe to the Fiery Pit?

Head on over and give it a read. However that is not an excuses for not keeping y’all updated.

I lost myself in my writing world to combat the the stress and anxiety. For most of the month of April I disappeared from social media and seldom venture out of my house. There was a plus that came from my actions. I got a ton of writing done.

  • Thunder Bear:  The manuscript has been completed with a total word count of 91,109. Clare at Human Voices received the manuscript on Monday (April 4, 2017), on schedule. The review has been completed and the manuscript is now back in my hands, Clare and I are in discussion of that review ironing out the story.
  • The Tales of Joe: One new story in the writing stage. It is a dark tale as most of the ones I wrote in this state of mind are.
  • The Erotic Tales of Joe: This is where most of the writing time has been spent. Across the Hall – One Door Down is completeOther short stories that have been completed since the last posting. Paula’s Second Chance, Professor Rothschild – Cougar 101, and What Damn Day is it Anyway. The next three tales of heated passion come from the manuscript West on the East – Noon Judgment. (To read about that manuscript click here.) They include the following short stories.  Learning to Please – Christina’s Story is complete. Keeping the Unit Intact, I changed the name of this tale to I Love Them Both. The story has went from stage 1 to 2 and is near completion. Making a Last Ditch Effort is another tale that was written and completed since the last posting. The short story also comes from the manuscript West on the East – Noon Judgment. That gives me a total of 7 stories out of the twenty I would like to have. That will put the word count between 150,000 and 200,000 words.
  • One Date and Done. One Date and Done is a new writing project. I was going to included it in The Erotic Tales of Joe. However when it got into stage two of the rewrite the word count quickly escalated. I was well above the word count of a short story and pushing the word count for a Novella. After reviewing it I decided to pull it from the short story collection and make it a single book.
Other Projects
  • Witch’s Dilemma Video Trailer: Due to no fault of Jayce Boynton owner of Capture Scratch Productions, LLC.. the video has been pushed back at least a couple of weeks. Yep I know you are putting the puzzle together and thinking. If it ain’t Jayce’s fault it must be Joe’s. Correct you are my friend and you have earned the title of Watson! Finding out the status this project is on my list of things to figure out.

Till next week,



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