New Look – Recap – Backtrack – Loose Ends.

Issue #74
Blog #14-2018
Section: From the Author’s Desk
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Blog #14-2018(2)I hope everyone enjoyed the three-day weekend with family and friends and the weather where you were was to your liking.

I also hope you remembered that the holiday is more than the official unofficial start of summer.

This blog should have been the first blog of the year. But I wasn’t finished with the new look of the blog, moving blogs, and reformatting them. I also needed to get the blogs organized. There is still a couple of things left to do, but for the most part Joseph Clay – Author, Official Blog is complete.

New Look

Joseph Clay – Author, Official Blog had become to cluttered with info that didn’t concern what the blog was initially created for.

This is my official blog and ties in to the official website. This blog was created to keep the readers informed of my work in progress, new releases, and for posting my writing. It was also a way to contact me along with letting the readers know of any events that I would be attending.

I deleted or moved any page and/or category that had nothing to do with the above agenda.

Book Reviews from an Authors Perspective was divided up. I pulled what I learned from the author from the reviews and made a new category titled, What I Learned About Writing from Reading Novels by…. Since those deal with my writing and style that category stayed on this blog.

I shortened the title of  Book Reviews from an Authors Perspective to Book Reviews and moved those to ThunderHorse Publishing.

I had some complaints and suggestions about Writing Tips.

A lot of them were embedded in my Writing Updates, making them hard to find. I separated the tips from the updates making new post out of them. I retitled them to give some insights what the tips were about. Once that was complete I moved Writing Tips to ThunderHorse publishing also.

I think the changes along with the new theme and header make for a better looking blog that is user-friendly, as it informs and keeps the reader updated on what is going on with my writing.

Recap – 2017
  • I wrote and posted 22 blogs, that does not include the ones I penned for Live Laugh Love Nashville. 13 of those 22 were posted on this blog.
  • I finished two manuscripts and had them reviewed by my editor. They include Thunder Bear and The Bet.
  • Demons of the Jungle second edition manuscript was sent to the editors for review as well, for a third re write. My second blog this year From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author: The Third Times a Charm?, will explain that move.
  • I started two new writing projects. Both will be short story collections, The Tales of Joe and The Erotic Tales of Joe
Backtrack/Tying up Loose Ends.

As I was going through the blogs I discovered that I never addressed the issues I brought up in my last blog of 2017 From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author: What Happened – Writing is the Easy Part – So I Thought.

That’s where I’ll  start.

I was wondering what my future held and whether writing was what I wanted to do. Well that question was answered in August.

I walked away from writing after the last blog in June 2017. I wrote nothing, including the features for Live Laugh Love Nashville.  I concentrated on finding out what was best for me and what I wanted to do in my retirement.

Almost two months to the day of my last post, I felt like something was missing in my life.

While I was focusing on me, me let me know that I wanted to write. No, not wanted to write but had to write. I pulled out my lap top and headed over to my personal blog and penned Week of Chaos. I wasn’t ready to jump back into novels just yet, so I stayed to blogging, writing three more before the year was out.

I decided what needed to happen with ThunderHorse Publishing. A way to supplement my income to feed my writing addiction fell in my lap. You can read about the above in my first blog of 2018 From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author: Yep it’s 2018.


As I was reformatting and separating the blogs I ran across several things that were mentioned once and never brought up again. One such item was of importance. Writing Update/WIP 5-4-17 (Where has Joe been?) brought up the video book trailer for Witch’s Dilemma, stating it had not been released.

The Witch’s Dilemma video book trailer was released and published to the social networks around 6-28-17.  The video is awesome, Jayce Boynton owner of Capture Scratch Productions, LLC., did an excellent job.

Witch’s Dilemma Video Book Trailer.

Other Loose Ends:

That’s a wrap, exit stage right.

Til next time,


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