Playing Catch Up (5-31-2018)

Issue #75
Blog #15-2018
Section: Writing Update/Wip
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Tick Tac ToeWelcome to the first writing update of 2018.

That’s a crying shame as tomorrow is the first day of June the sixth month. This should be at least writing update number six not the first.

I guess I need to stop using my deadly number two pencil to play Tic-Tac-Joe and focus on keeping y’all updated, but the game is so damn fun.

I use a 9 stage system to help me track each writing project.  The numbering system is explained below;

(1) -Write, (2) – Manuscript Review, (3) – Rewrite (4) – Edit, (5) – Proofread, (6) – Book Cover Art /Illustrations/Format/Book Trailer Video, (7) – Publish, (8) Dead Tale, (9) File 13.

The difference between 8 – Dead Tale and 9 – File 13? File 13 means the plot will never see daylight again, while 8 is used for a strong plot but something was wrong with the story.  These manuscripts have been reviewed and the corrections will take to much time, moving the story out of  WIP, for now.

The WIP (Work in Progress) below is listed in the order in which I hope to release them.


  • Demons of the Jungle (Third Edition): Stage 1 (Complete) – Stage 2 (Complete) –  Stage 3 (40%)  – Stage 6, (25%), the new cover art has been completed.  From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author: The Third Times a Charm?, will explain why a third edition is being written.
  • The Erotic Tales of Joe: Stage 1 (36%). This is a short story collection that I would like the word count to come in between 150,000 – 200,00 words. At this point the book contains seven tales and comes in at a little over 53,000 words. I don’t like the title of this book so look for it to change. Also some of the tales that were listed as complete or WIP in Writing Update/WIP 5-4-17 (Where has Joe been?), are no longer in the book for one reason or another.  Those titles with a brief explanation of what happened are listed as well. The titles of the stories inside the book are;
    • “To a Princess”
    • “Earning a Masters”
    • “Paula’s Second Chance”
    • “Professor Rothschild – Cougar 101”
    • What Damn Day is it Anyway”
    • “Making a Last Ditch Effort”
    • “I Love Them Both”
    • “Across the Hall – One Door Down” is complete, due to it’s length it was pulled from the short story collection, and will be turned into a novel. A new erotic tale will take its place in the book using a similar outline.
    • “Learning to Please – Christina’s Story” is complete. However this tale was also pulled and combined with another short story. Since both short stories intertwined with one another I decided to make a novel out of them, titled The Bet.
    • “Keeping the Unit Intact” is still in the book. The title was changed to, “I Love Them Both”.
    • “One Date and Done”, I was going to included it in The Erotic Tales of Joe. I pulled it, it now sits in Stage 8.


  • The Tales of Joe: Stage 1 (25%). This book is also a short story collection with the same word count goal, between 150,000 – 200,00 words. At this point the book contains five tales and comes in at a little under 38,000 words. The titles of the stories inside the book are;
    • “To Die in Peace is to Rest in Peace”
    • “Bloody Waters of Wahoo Creek”
    • “Death of a Soul – Birth of a Killer”
    • “Night of Dreams”
    • “The Birds of Peace”
    • “Cursed; To Be or Not to Be”

Those are the three books that will be released first. I’m hoping to get two of these out before the end of the year. Now on to the rest of the WIP.

  • Thunder Bear:  Stage 8. Stage 1 (Complete) – Stage 2 (Complete) –  Stage 6, (25%), the cover art has been completed.
  • The Bet: Stage 8. Stage 1 (Complete) – Stage 2 (Complete). This is a love story with an erotic twist that came out of no where after arguing with my characters. It has been a problem since it’s conception, draining the blood of life from me every step of the way. Read When your characters argue – with you, scheduled to be published on June 7, 2018, to find out more.

That wraps up this writing update, stay tuned to the same bat channel for more coming on the three tales that will be released in the near future.


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