Demons of the Jungle (3rd Edition) – Book Cover Release

Issue #90
Blog #03-2019
Section: Demons of the Jungle
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Been a while since I have made post. Why, you ask? Well today starts my eighth week of cardiac rehab, got three more go. I will have a test in March to see if I need a pacemaker or defibrillator. I’m hoping the heart has become strong enough during the rehab so that neither is required.

The good news is that with it being winter along the rest I need I have had lots of time to do the two things I enjoy, write and cook.

I have began loading my food creations to my personal blog
Joe Coming Unglued. To try some if my recipes head on over you will find the recipes under the category: Cooking with Joe. Since it’s winter I suggest whipping up a batch of Sleepy Cougar Ranch Chili.

Now to the writing. The re-write of Demons of the Jungle is almost complete.

Within the next month the manuscript will be headed over the great lake to the editor. Over the next couple of weeks I will start blogging about the new edition, scheduling book give a ways, and signings. The scheduled release of Demons of the Jungle is for the end of Summer. I will keep you updated on the progress here and via social media.

Today’s Breaking News is the release of the Demons of the Jungle third edition book cover.

Demons of the Jungle Cover Art ©2018 -2019

The spectacular cover was designed by Rick Chappell of Chappell Graphix. Rick also designed the cover for the second edition. He handles all my book formatting, promotional items and printing, with the exception of the book it’s self.

Wednesday I will post a writing update that will help us all get reacquainted with the characters of Demons of the Jungle. The blog will also contain insights on the deeper plot of the third edition.

Wait, there is more news.

The official website Joseph Clay Author now has a bookstore. There you can purchase all my works. Each book sold from the website will be autographed.

Till Wednesday, keep flipping the pages and supporting your independent artist, authors, and musicians.



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