Getting Reacquainted

Issue #91
Blog #4-2019
Section: Demons of the Jungle
Blogger: Joseph Clay

The rewrite for Demons of the Jungle third edition is is 85% complete. The book cover design is complete and was revealed in he blog that posted Monday, Breaking News – Demons of the Jungle – Book Cover Release. The illustrations that will grace the inside pages will remain the same with the addition of some new ones by John Cannon.

I have Demons of the Jungle scheduled for release by the end of Summer of 2019 in both paperback and eBook formats.

This blog is to get everyone reacquainted with the story and the characters of this supernatural and paranormal thriller. Over the next several months I will follow this blog up with others that will lead up to the release of Demons of the Jungle third edition.

The plot stays the same in Demons of the Jungle third edition. The story however starts off a little different as chapters have been rearranged and new ones added. The main characters, Debra Wright and Patricia Mitchell are fighting for their souls and survival in the jungle.

The third edition is more action packed than the previous two. Debra and Patricia, encounter more Demons, a powerful Voodoo Queen along with a couple of Vampires. They meet other STRFAA Volunteers, one in particular has Telekinesis. Patricia learns she has more mental powers than she knew about and we learn the truth about Debra.

The blogs to follow this one will contain information on the new characters. To get to know the main characters you can read Who is Debra Wright and Who is Patricia Mitchell.

To help you recall more or for those not familiar with Demons of the Jungle there are other blogs to get you up to speed. Read Birth of the Demons to see how it all got started along with Piecing it all Together. There are other blogs in the Demon of the Jungle series that you can read, they are as follows.

 That will do it for this blog. Join me next week when I discuss in more detail the changes made to the third edition of Demons of the Jungle.


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