Demons of the Jungle – New Secondary Characters – (WU/WIP 2-19)

Issue #97
Blog #10-2019
Section: Demons of the Jungle
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Writing Update/Work in Progress 2-2019 DOTJ Book Specific

I’m excited about the third edition of Demons of the Jungle!

This edition is packed with more action, more death and of course more Demons.

The rewrite is scheduled to be complete by the end of April then head over the great pond to the editors.

The protagonist and the plot remains the same, but how we journey from the opening sentence to the final chapter has evolved from the first edition to this; the third edition.

Why a third rewrite?

Clare at Human Voices handled the edits and is the editor of record of Witch’s Dilemma. During that process she gained my trust with her insight and outstanding work. I felt that the second edition of Demons of the Jungle needed the expertise of Human Voices to make it the best book it could be; so I sent them the manuscript.

The changes that are being made are the suggestions from that manuscript review. The biggest set of revisions will be in the expedition chapters that the main Protagonist are ordered to participate in.

Below is the suggested changes to be made to the chapters mentioned above.

Part 8: I would break the elephant expedition up into 2, 3, perhaps 4 chapters. At the moment we meet a lot of new characters all at once (some of whom we never see again, e.g. Cain), and Paula tells them everything straightaway and they don’t really react to it. Instead, this trip should last several days. We need more time to get to know all these new characters, for Debra and Trish to earn Paula’s trust and hear her story away from the main group (and to establish that she is suicidal), to introduce the tribesmen, and to have Debra formulate her plan to steal a radio. There should also be more time after Paula’s death for everyone to be shocked – it’s a little too sudden to see a character squashed to death, and then almost immediately have another character start seductively drying herself. Essentially, Debra and Trish need time to think about and react to everything that happens on this trip, rather than accepting it and coming up with a plan without hesitation.

Excerpt from Human Voices Manuscript Review – Demons of the Jungle 2nd Edition.

That brings us to the reason for this blog. Introducing the new secondary characters that will appear in the third edition.

Let start with the volunteers that are in the same boat as our Protagonists Debra Wright and Patricia Mitchell.

The Volunteers

Demons of the Jungle 3rd Edition

Carol Henn and her brother Bo Peterson. Carol suffered a brutal attack at the hands of four of Bo’s acquaintances. She was lured to the jungle with the promise that all her injuries would be healed and she would once again be whole.

Bo has been in and out of trouble all his life. He believes that he can take anything he desires, even if it doesn’t belong to him. This includes women along with material objects.

The next two didn’t come to the jungle together, they were teamed up on their arrival.

Geneva Jackson is the madam of a stable of high priced call girls in New York. Her client list was one that the FBI wanted; while others would do anything to keep Geneva from turning that list over, including kill her. She did what any smart person would do. She volunteered with STRFAA an organization which promised to keep her safe and hidden from the world.

Geneva was partnered with Doug Riggs. Doug is an ex-military man who was given the purple heart after being shot then released from service. He turned to over the road trucking to see the country. Doug has a weakness, that weakness is females that are young enough to be his daughters. After several young girls were found dead at truck stops across the nation, Doug was accused of the murders and labeled a serial rapist and killer. He too volunteered with STRFAA for protection.

Steve Tacks and Angie Stamps are boyfriend and girlfriend, although you wouldn’t know it from their actions. Steve is an ex-government assassin, who the government want’s dead before Steve spills what he knows.

Angie like Doug is ex-military. A strong willed woman with anger issues which are due to her struggling with PTSD. The acts of violence she has demonstrated when her rage takes over has the law looking for Angie. She has several chargers against her that include, attempted murder, murder and several charges of aggravated assault.

Tiffany Coleman

Last we have two sisters, Sandra and Tiffany Coleman. These two came from the hills of California where they lived in the lap of luxury. Both are wanted for the murders of their Dad, Mom, and Step Dad. One of these two is like Patricia and has mental powers, her gift is that of Telekinesis. The police suspect the murders of her family members were committed using Telekinesis. Will her special abilities along with her not being of legal age help her break her contract with STRFAA and get her out of the jungle or will it get her and her sister killed.

The Demons

There are four classes of Demons, (A), (B) and (C) along with (D). (A) being the strongest and (D) being the weakest, but all deadly. We will start at the bottom and work our way up.

Class (D) Demons. Have volunteered for STRFAA recently and agreed to become permanent residence of the jungle. Their names are Theodore Grant, Jahi Rains and Wanda Shameless along with Ray Dillon. Theodore is on the fast track to move up a class and is part of the STRFAA Recruitment Team.

Class (C) Demons: Leonard Smith and Barry Severs both are labors along with the keepers and trainers of the Class (D) demons. Barry is part of the STRFAA Recruitment Team.

Class (B) Demons: Lower management of STRFAA consists of Larry Drake, Jane Hecate and Belladonna Lupei.

Larry works for the STRFAA administration along with being a doctor and supervises the training provided by Leonard Smith and Barry Severs. Larry is also a member of the STRFAA Recruitment Team.

Jane is a doctor along with being an Alchemist. She is charge of potions and elixir’s that STRFAA uses. She also is part of the STRFAA Recruitment Team.

Like Jane, Belladonna is part of the STRFAA Recruitment Team. When not out on assignment she is in charge of helping the volunteers adjust to their surroundings and explaining the assigned task if needed.

Jane Hecate and Belladonna Lupei

Jane and Belladonna are two unique individuals as well as sisters. Both are a part of the STRFAA management team and recruiters. They favor in stature, personalities and looks, but that is where the similarities stop.

Jane is a respected and trusted member of STRFAA and at one time was an elite member of the STRFAA upper-management team. STRFAA was shocked when she requested to step down from her position. STRFAA required she agree to certain stipulations before they would release her form that role and take on a lesser one.

Belladonna Lupei is the High Countess of the Lupei Vampire Clan founded centuries ago by Jane and Belladonna’s great grandfather Count Barnabas Lupei. Jane is also a member but has no rank.

Jane and Belladonna’s dad was a vampire, their mother a witch. Belladonna became ill as a youth, her mother tried every elixir and potion known, to no avail. With Belladonna nearing death, her grandpa was summoned. With the permission from his father, Count Barnabas Lupei, he turned Belladonna to a full vampire.

Jane saw the tournament and the suffering her mother went through not being able to save her youngest daughter. She agreed to the turning but it devastated her. Jane to help her mother cope with her grief began showing interest in her mother’s craft and helping her with the potions, elixirs, and spells.

Jane was at a natural at the craft and became obsessed with it. She wanted to soak up all the knowledge she could. Jane began reaching out learning different disciplines from the other witches, wizards along with those who practiced voodoo.

Even though Jane is only one half witch by the time she turned thirteen she was considered the most powerful witch in the region and the best Alchemist around. To honor her mother she changed her last name from Lupei to Hecate, her mothers maiden name.

Jane and Belladonna’s priorities are different, Jane is obligated to help STRFAA accomplish their goals. Belladonna is more concerned with the Lupei Vampire Clan’s goal.

Will one or the others allegiance turn and they work together? Will serving two different organizations divide the sisters and they become bitter enemies, hurting both causes? Will this action anger STRFFA and they bring their wrath down on the sisters.

Class A Demons: These demons or at the top of the ladder one step away from the master of evil himself. They may or may not be associated with one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The Demons are, Sir Samuel, Queen Lilith and Belphegor. Sir Samuel and Queen Lilith head up the STRFAA Recruitment Team.

Doctor Alexandria Dobbs Aka Queen Alexandria or Mamma Alex

Now for the bonus character that appears in this book. This character adds mystery and the element of surprise to the tale.

Doctor Alexandria Dobbs left her practice of traditional medicine in the states to returned to the jungle to join her brother Chief Zula.

Doctor Dobbs is known as Queen Alexandria or Mamma Alex to those in the jungle. She is not only the tribes queen but also a witch doctor and master at Voodoo. She also uses natural healing substances available to her in the jungle. However that is not why she returned. Mamma Alex has a mission that is personal. Those who stand in the way of her accomplishing that mission will be eliminated in a most cruel way.

Chief Snaka who is also from the states is doing a five year hitch with STRFAA. His job is to use Mamma Alex’s Zula tribe, that he oversees, to lend assistance to the volunteers in their daily task that STRFAA has assigned each team.

There you have the additions to the cast of characters that will be in this edition.

The questions we have to ask are these. Who will survive the expedition? Who will make it the Gala, Who will accept the drink of Immortality? Will the volunteers come up with a plan to escape the clutches of STRFAA? Will the different objectives of STRFAA, the Lupei Clan and Mamma Alex clash and start a war, causing all three to forget the volunteers allowing them an easy escape?

The possibilities are endless in this edition!

Till next time,



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