A Plate to Full (3-2019)

Issue #103
Blog #16-2019
Section: Writing Updates…
Blogger: Joseph Clay

I have not made a general writing up date covering all my Works in Progress (WIP) since Writing Update/WIP 8-31-18 which was posted about eight months ago.

Writing is like any other job, it can get over whelming at times. The writer develops writers block, makes excuses why they can’t write everyday and/or spends more time talking about writing than writing. When that happens the writer must step back and analyze to see what is causing the overload.

Nine times out of the ten the writer has to many pokers in the fire, too much is on their plate, or looking for a needle in a haystack.

My problem is two fold. I think I should be able to write a 100,000 word novel, get it reviewed, edited and published within a four month span. That is hard to do since I’m not the only client my editor, illustrator, graphic designer/format has.

My next issue stems from the first. Since I think I can turn around a book so fast I pile my plate full of Work in Progress (WIP) projects.

The problem with that is like the old saying our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We pile our plate with all of our favorite foods. We don’t want to waste a bite and don’t want to be still eating when everyone else is finished.

What do we do. We eat the whole plate and consume it as fast as possible.

What happens, we suffer in one way or another. Our stomach rebels, we became lethargic because we are stuffed. Them we get pissed because we don’t have room for strawberry short cake or apple pie, both topped with whip cream.

Same thing happens in writing. After getting aggravated with my ability to finish the rewrite of Demons of the Jungle. I began rushing the rewrite so I could complete it and could move to my other Work in Progress (WIP). I knew that was mistake so I took a step back to see what was causing the the anguish. When I did I realized some things.

One, I needed to slow down and not worry about how long the rewrite of Demons of the Jungle was taking. After all the reason for the third rewrite is because I got in a hurry to complete the first two and the writing suffered. Being over ambitious and worried about what to write next showed in the reviews and sales. The editor who did the manuscript review even pointed out that certain chapters appeared to rushed.

The second, my plate is too full. I have two short collections in the works. It takes time to write and gather enough stories to fill one 80,000 word book. Trying to do two is insane. I have to much uncertainty in my WIP. There are short stories that may make novels and novel outlines that may be short stories.

Below is the list of Work in Progress from the Aug 2018 blog with the updates on the writing. I have added what has transpired since that last post. This will get everything current.

Work in Progress (WIP)

Demons of the Jungle Third Edition

Demons of the Jungle (Third Edition) – (54%) Complete. Future Release #1

Demons of the Jungle Progress – Stage 1 through Stage 3 (Complete) – Stage 4 (85%)  – Stage 5 (0%) – Stage 6 (0%) – Stage 7, (50%), cover art has been completed, inside illustrations 90% complete. Stage 8 – (0%)

The new cover was introduced in the blog Breaking News – Demons of the Jungle – Book Cover Release.

That blog stated that the third edition would be released in the Summer of 2019. Update: That has been pushed back to fall of 2019, I shooting for around Halloween, which will be the three year anniversary of the release of Witch’s Dilemma.

There is only a few chapters left to rewrite and clean up the back and front matter. I also go through two to three chapters a day, making sure every thing with the rewrite fits together with the story that didn’t require changes.

I have the manuscript scheduled to be completed and sent to the editors by the end of May 2019.

Tales of Joe – Schedule release date Summer of 2021

The Tales of Joe – (15.6%) Complete. Future Release #4

This book is a short story collection with the word count goal, between 150,000 – 200,00 words. At this point the book contains seven tales and comes in at a little under 48,000 words.

The titles of the stories inside the book are;

  • “To Die in Peace is to Rest in Peace”
  • “Bloody Waters of Wahoo Creek”
  • “Death of a Soul – Birth of a Killer”
  • “Night of Dreams”
  • “The Birds of Peace”
  • “Cursed; To Be or Not to Be”
  • “An Apple a Day”

The Tales of Joe Progress – Stage 1 (Complete) – Stage 2 (25%) – Stage 3 (0%) – Stage 4 (0%) – Stage 5 (0%) – Stage 6 (0%) – Stage 7 (0%) – Stage 8 (0%).

Update: The release of The Tales of Joe has moved from late 2019 to 2021 in order to gather and/or write the stories needed. The book cover shown is only a representation not the actual cover. Title of the book may change.

Update: The below short story collection has been scraped.

The Erotic Tales of Joe – (14%): This is a short story collection that I would like the word count to come in between 150,000 – 200,00 words. At this point the book contains seven tales and comes in at a little over 53,000 words. I don’t like the title of this book so look for it to change.

The titles of the stories inside the book are;

  • “To a Princess”
  • “Earning a Masters”
  • “Paula’s Second Chance”
  • “Professor Rothschild – Cougar 101”
  • “What Damn Day is it Anyway”
  • “Making a Last Ditch Effort”
  • “I Love Them Both”

The Erotic Tales of Joe Progress – Stage 1 (Complete)Stage 2 (36%) – Stage 3 – 10 (0%)

WIP – The Ideas (Titles are Subject to Change):

The Camel Story: This tale was outlined to be a novel, but may wind up in The Tales of Joe as a short story. Update: The Camel Story will be a short story and be included in the Tales of Joe.

The Camel Story was an idea I came up with after discussing some history about Texas and camels with my dear friend Christy Warren. The tale will involve time travel. Two couples will be transported back in time. When the portal opens back up only two people will return, two will decided to stay. This tale will also be educational in a way.

Update: The below novel’s outline and work up to this date has been placed back in the story idea file.

Blue and Danger: My brother thought up this one. A story about two brothers, one is evil, one is good. Will the good turn on the evil one or is the family bound thicker than justice.

Update: The below novel has been scrapped.

Congress Motel – Room 69: This tale is a novel about the happenings in room 69 of the Congress Motel. The Congress Motel is a run down roach motel on the outskirts of town. The only thing it has going for it us it’s location and reputation of being the best No-Tell Motel in the state. Oh did I mention that room 69 is haunted and those who stay and play in that room have been known to never be seen again.

Update: The below novel’s outline and work up to this date has been placed back in the story idea file.

The Graveyard Shift: This story started out being a short story for The Erotic Tales of Joe. I was almost finished with it when I decided that the plot was to complicated for  short story. If I added what and how the couple was brought back together I would have a great Legal-Murder-Mystery Novel with an erotic twist.

WIP – New Arrivals – Novels in WIP

Road to Hades – Schedule release date Winter 2020

Road to Hades – (17.5%) Complete. Future Release #2

Road to Hades Progress – Stage 1 (Complete) – Stage 2 (40% ) – Stage 3 (0%) – Stage 4 (0%)  – Stage 5 (0%) – Stage 6 (0%) – Stage 7 (0%) – Stage 8 – (0%)

Road to Hades is the story of Debra and Patricia, before they encounter the Demons of the Jungle. The short tale consist mostly of the back story found in Demons of the Jungle Edition 2. A lot of readers wanted more detail than what the back story offered. What secrets were Patricia’s parents hiding that keep her from joining her friends during summer break? What forced Debra to Tyler’s Truck’n Burgers? More details about their relationships and their life in Texas and after. The book cover shown is only a representation not the actual cover. Title of the book may change.

Thunder Bear – Schedule release date Summer of 2020

Thunder Bear – (35.6%) Complete. Future Release #3

Thunder Bear Progress – Stage 1 (Complete) – Stage 2 (Complete) – Stage 3 (Complete) – Stage 4 (0%)  – Stage 5 (0%) – Stage 6 (0%) – Stage 7 (25%), cover art has been completed. Stage 8 – (0%)

Thunder Bear is where it all starts for Levi West, Detective for LACN Investigations. Levi showcases his investigation skills in Witch’s Dilemma and makes a brief showing in Demons of the Jungle. Levi’s is about to turn eighteen and inherit the West on the East ranch, a multi billion dollar operation. He has plans for his inheritance, to start a detective agency to track down cold bloody murders. 

Links to related Blogs and Info

There we are. As you can see I have cleaned my pate and changed the dates of expected releases to give me time to write at a pace that will insure I put out the best work possible for the readers.


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