Third Quarter Report and News

Issue #111
Blog #24-2019
Section: From the Authors Desk
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Hello again my friends. The third quarter of 2019 had come to close so its time to catch everyone up on what has been happening.

I’ll start with the positives before we get to the negative.

ThunderHorse Publishing a subsidiary of Joseph E Clay . Com launched an online magazine titled The Corral. The magazine was developed to give the INDIE author a platform to showcase their work.

The magazine features showcases, interviews and book reviews along with writing contests.

We are super excited about this new adventure. While browsing through the pages of the sample make sure you read my short story To Rest in Peace One Must Die in Peace.

Go Daddy, who host my Official Website, made some great changes to the package I use. Now Joe’s Bookstore can add the book video trailer to the product image. The other change is the one that helps us smaller writers compete with Amazon. I now can sell electronic files. Heck yeah customers now can purchase eBooks in PDF from the website.

From the positives of 2019 to the negatives.

Read From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author: 2019 Goals to see all my goals for this year. Below are the three novels that were projected to be released before the end of 2019.

  • Demons of the Jungle – 3rd rewrite
  • Path to the Jungle (Title subject to change.)
  • Tales of Joe (Title subject to change.) A short story collection.

Due to no ones fault other than my own I will not be releasing any novels this year.

I’m still new at this writing thing and I found this highly disappointing. Took me awhile to come to grips with this short coming. I finally realized that it was not the end of the world. What I did need to do was regroup and learn what happened to derail my goals.

Demons of the Jungle, 3rd rewrite is complete. The manuscript is ready for the editor. The book cover is done and been released. To see the cover visit Breaking News – Demons of the Jungle – Book Cover Release.

While doing some research for a blog I was writing for ThunderHorse Publishing I ran across this chart from

Who knew that there was an opportune time to release a book.

Demons of the Jungle is a supernatural thriller. According to the chart it should be released in October.

Now we all know that the rules of writing are not written in concrete and can be broken. However being a new writer and after further research the chart needs to be followed. Releasing a book in the time frame suggested will achieve maximum results in sales.

The issue with Demons of the Jungle, 3rd rewrite? I was behind two months if not three. That would have put me releasing a supernatural horror book at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

With Demons of the Jungle being behind so was the other titles Path to the Jungle (Title subject to change) and the Tales of Joe (Title subject to change). Path to the Jungle another supernatural thriller would have been released in February if I had continued with the present schedule.

Next I had to figure what got me three months behind. The Corral took away some of the writing time, but not enough to put me behind a couple of months.

I began to ponder while recalling my activities over the last several months. I saw that when summer time, my favorite time of year rolled around the writing slowed. My outdoor activities picked up, travel increased and my favorite sport was in full swing.

That sport is baseball. My favorite team the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves are playing great ball and headed to the playoffs. Watching their games on the tube and going to Atlanta to watch them play chewed up a ton of time this summer.

What did I learn?

All novels need to be completed before Memorial Day in May arrives. Since I hate cold weather and baseball season is over in late October I shall become a winter writer. I will continue writing all year, but from late fall to early spring will be my heavy writing season.

Summer time will be for editing manuscripts and preparing them for release in the suggested month specified in the above chart.

My next step is to adjust the release dates for the above mentioned novels using the new winter writer schedule. Once that has been figured out, shouldn’t take more than a week I will blog the results here.


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