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Robert Biehn is an acoustic-rap/pop artist that blends his passion for songwriting & novel storytelling to create a unique sound and experience that will leave the audience wanting to hear, know, and feel more.

Fifty minutes or so, depending on traffic, south of Nashville, is quite community located in Maury County, within that small community you will find a huge talent. His name Robert Biehn, and Robert has always been a storyteller.

Robert spent his youth in Southern California where at a very young age, he began telling stories through the means of poems, stage plays, and any other outlet he could find. When he turned 15 years old, he acquired a guitar, which quickly became the center-piece for conveying his imagination.

What makes Robert a breath of fresh air in today’s music world is simple, yet fascinating.

He is a unique artist and everything Robert does is original. The fascinating part, Robert is a novelist, yes he writes books, and the songs he writes/performs are based off moments in those novels.

What impresses me the most, beside his music and he writes books. He has a purpose, in our text conversations he clearly states that he stays away from things and/or establishments that are not conducive to his purpose or doesn’t fit into his purpose. For a young man who knows he has a purpose in life is very rare in this day and age.

His debut single & music video “Say Hello” was released in early 2016. Shortly after its release it won 1st place for “Best Short Film”. Once you watch the video you will understand why.

Riding on its success, his debut EP Stories was released in the spring.

The EP featured songs recorded with the Grammy & Dove nominated producer Noah Henson, platinum recording producer Darren Smith and others who teamed up to capture his unique blend of rhythmic, upbeat acoustic-rap/pop, with the fantasy undertones of his novel writing.

Robert has sung his stories in over 400 acoustic shows, a Canadian & partial US tour, major conventions, and many other venues.

When he’s not in the studio or writing a book, Robert can be found making appearances hosting or performing at conventions across America.

Robert doesn’t have a lot of down time, and when he does he really doesn’t “hang out”, he tends to have a very proactive desire to push forward and always be productive, and he himself admits that tendency at times can be a bit overbearing.

However it’s not all work and no relaxation. Robert enjoys cooking, in fact he recently started making bread from scratch. I’m talking about from real scratch as he doesn’t use a bread maker or yeast. Learning to make bread works to Robert’s advantage as he is particularly partial towards soups.

Robert, with a friend works out a few times a week. Sometimes to connect with a faraway friend he will play “Overwatch”, the video game.

Robert, like most of us here in Nashville has seen the Parthenon, from the outside. Robert would like to have some time and take a tour of the inside, to see the exquisite sculptures and art that is displayed there.

Robert has a special announcement he wanted Live Laugh Love Nashville to pass on to everyone about his next project.

“While a specific release date has not been officially announced, my team and I are preparing a special online release of my novel “Evelon”: The Story of Angels (which has inspired songs such as Do You Love Me?, Breathe, and more). This book centers around the story of angels, before humanity’s existence, as the fabled effects from the first fallen angel sweep across the celestial world like a plague.”To err is human… …to fall is angelic.”But what does that really mean?”

Robert Biehn via Email

Thank you Robert for sharing the news about Evelon with Live Laugh Love Nashville. Readers, I had the honor of reading the Prologue of Evelon, and take my word for it, the prologue is a brilliant piece of work by Robert, and I can’t wait to hear the music that comes from it.

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Music Monday Feature Robert Biehn – The Storyteller written by Joseph Clay for Live Laugh Love Nashville.

[Update added 6-27-2020: Robert Biehn released his debut novel, We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth on November 27, 2019. Join the hosts of Spotlighting the Indie podcast and Robert for a review of the book and to get Roberts take on living the truth. Show airs July 1, 2020. Book Review We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth – Special Guest Robert Biehn Author]

[Blogger Note: Robert Biehn – The Storyteller was originally published to Live Laugh Love Nashville‘s Music Monday feature February 26, 2017. The featured was transferred to this site on Saturday June 27, 2020.]


Blogger: Joseph Clay

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