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For singer-songwriter Sasha Aaron, the struggle to find herself and her calling ended the first time she picked up her father’s guitar.

‘That was it. I started teaching myself by listening to country and classic rock albums. Eventually I started taking lessons, singing and, before I knew it, I was writing songs.”
[Photo Credit: Adrian David Payne.]

Sasha Aaron is a Miami native who now calls Nashville home. Musically influenced by Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, Sheryl Crow, and Trisha Yearwood – Sasha’s sound is the result of a perfect balance of California rock and the honest sensibilities of country music.

The decision to move to Music City immediately proved positive as Sasha quickly gained the respect of top musicians and songwriters, co-writing with hit songwriters Steve Dean, Frank Myers and Rob Crosby, among others.

Her talent landed her a first place win in the 2014 Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival in the Songwriting Competition with her song “Throwback Radio” (co-written with veteran writer Bill DiLuigi).

That same year, she headlined her first solo show at Nashville’s famed Bluebird Cafe.

In 2015 Sasha had the honor of being a part of Clint Black’s “Competing for a Cause” benefiting As a final four contestant, she had the opportunity to sing with the country music superstar on national TV and perform her original song “Red Roses and White Whiskey”. Follow the link to view the spectacular performance.

Most recently Sasha played Rock Boat XVII alongside Sister Hazel, Better Than Ezra and Matt Nathanson. In all, her performing and songwriting skills have provided her the opportunity to open for several major acts and her songs have been featured on several MTV and CW network shows.

Sasha draws inspiration from her life and the lives of others, her primary motivation in everything she does remains, helping others.

Country music is all about stories, and I love being a storyteller. My hope is always that, through those stories, someone will hear and say, ‘someone else out there gets me’.”

Sasha demonstrates the balance of California rock and the honest sensibilities of country music, mentioned above, along with her song writing talents on her latest album, Look Good Gone. This is Sasha’s first full-length album with Grammy-nominated producer, Kent Wells (Dolly Parton).

[Photo Credit: Adrian David Payne.]

Look Good Gone was released in March of this year (2017) and contains the following tracks.

Ghost in This Town” (Video Below) – “Intervention” – “Leave” – “Love’s Bones Alone” – “Red Roses and White Whiskey” – “Barricade” – “Neon Sunshine” – “Look Good Gone” – “There’s a Beer for That” – “I See Roses” – “Throwback Radio

Sasha’s new material is honest in content and exceptional in artistry. Here is what Sasha had to say about the album.

The music on this project is the best I’ve written to-date, thanks to my growth as an artist and writer. It’s a reflection of how living in Nashville has shaped me – for better or for worse.”

[“Intervention” Cover by Gabriel “gabo” Bautista Jr.]

“Intervention” is the second track on the Look Good Gone album and was released as a single in late 2016. The song showcases Sasha Aaron’s musical talent and strong vocals along with having a spectacular cover.

When I asked Sasha about this incredible cover Here is what she had to say about it.

One thing that has been important to me this time around is being true to who I am, so I’m embracing my geekiness and am commissioning some of my favorite comic book artists to create the art for the singles off the new album. This beautiful cover is done by Gabriel “gabo” Bautista Jr. You can find out more about him and see his amazing work by clicking HERE!”

Sasha’s debut Country album titled Sasha Aaron was released in 2015. The album featured five songs. “Not Today” – “Billboard” – If I Could Make it Rain” – “Love Takes Everything” – Down on Duval Street.

[Photo Credit: Tyler Miler.]

Sasha’s music can be found on

  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • and many other music sites!

To hook up with Sasha Aaron on the internet and social media sites follow the links below.

Sasha when not in studio or on the road works within the community. She spends time volunteering for the local charity Musicians On Call, which delivers the healing power of music through on-site performances for those undergoing medical treatment.

When I asked Sasha what she did in her down time, outside of the music and charity work she replied.

In my downtime, which honestly isn’t much these days I’m either reading, catching up on nerdy TV or playing World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing since college. I’ve tried taking breaks from the game, but I always go back to it. It’s my favorite thing to do to relax.”

Sasha Aaron via email

Sasha also like comics, however what she reads depends on her mood. The last new series that she picked up, Animosity by Aftershock she fell in love with. With her busy schedule she has been keeping up, as best as she can with Saga, Birthright and The Wicked and The Divine (all Image comics). Her favorite series to reread are Hawkeye (Matt Fraction’s and David Aja’s run) and Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Sadly Sasha doesn’t get to go to a lot of Comicons. The few that she has got to attend were for work but some were for fun. She finished the conversation about the Comicons with this statement.

“I have so many that I’m looking forward to going to one day! NYCC is on my list of hopefuls this year. I love getting dressed up to go, it’s one of my favorite parts. I’ve previously dressed up as Phoenix, Batgirl and Baroness (from G.I. Joe).”

Sasha Aaron via email

[Blogger note: If you don’t know who Baroness from G.I. Joe is, google a picture of her. Look at it and compare that pic to the one above and you will see Sasha nails it, right down to the glasses.]

Sasha is both a dog and cat person but at this time has only cats. Their names are Ivy, Gracie, Misfit, and Arthas. Before I could ask why so many cats, she explained. Sasha’s answer shows the heart of someone that cares about the animals of this world as well as people.

“I know 4 sounds like a lot, but previously working at animal hospitals it sometimes just happens!”

Sasha Aaron via email

Sasha enjoys Nashville because there is something new popping up every day. She tells me that checking out all the new restaurants is probably her favorite thing to do and her favorite food is Cuban. She stated that sadly there is lack of Cuban food in Nashville for the most part. Her favorite place to eat/drink is {Pub}licity. Then she proceeds to inform me.

I’m a West Nashvillian, we do have good food over here too!”

Sasha Aaron via email

This proves Sasha not only has a voice of an angel, she also has super powers that allows her to hone in on people. Somehow Sasha knew I lived in prestigious East Nashville.

To wrap the interview up, before she figured out more about me, I ask Sasha what her favorite venue in Nashville was to play.

“My favorite venue that I’ve played here in Nashville is probably City Winery, but Bluebird Cafe will always be home.”

Sasha Aaron via email

[Blogger Note: Sasha Aaron was written by Joseph Clay for Live Laugh Love Nashville – Music Monday Feature. The article was originally published to Live Laugh Love Nashville June 24, 2017. The feature was transferred ThunderHorse Publishing 4-12-2019 then transferred to this site on July 4, 2020.]

Blogger: Joseph Clay

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