A Twitter Second

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A Twitter Second

Joseph Clay

December 11, 2019

The frigid December air was whistling through the closed windows of John and Jane Doe’s modest home. Both were smokers and were enjoying their morning nicotine and caffeine as Jane said. “I wonder how much it would cost to replace the windows in the house, starting with the two in here first?”

John was grinding out his cigarette in the glass ashtray on his bed side table as he answered. “Have no idea, but something we may need to check on, if we survive this winter.”

John eased from the bed and retrieved his morning medicines from the dresser, steps from the bed. He chased the seven pills of many colors with the Coke that was remaining in his can. With the empty can in his hand he shivered as his bare feet went from carpet to the the tile of the bathroom floor. The can tinged and pinged as it hit the waste basket.

Jane was sitting on the side of the bed as John returned and laid back down. He began stroking the soft skin if Jane’s arm as he replied. “Honey you know what they say about seizing the moment. Life as we know it could change in a blink of an eye.”

“Yep, that is what they say,” Jane replied in between taking sips of her coffee and looking at her phone. With the cup of Java on her bedside table she began scrolling Twitter as she said. “You know it only takes me a second to see whats on Twitter.”

The room filled with contestant chirps rising from the phone along with clicks as Jane began liking Twitter post. Her sweet angelic voice was also heard as she was filling John in on what was happening on the political front. She also told him about what had occurred in their city, the country and world overnight.

John was pulling up the sheets and rolling over, his back to Jane as she continued to talk, comment on tweets and like post.

John gasped as he clinched the sheets in his fist as his forehead began beading up in sweat. Jane with out looking up from her phone or realizing John had taken his last breath reached her arm toward John as she said. “Come on John don’t get huffy I’ll be done in a couple of minutes.”

Photo Courtesy of ShutterStock Inc.

John died in bed with his partner right beside him, but John died ignored and alone.

Jane, missed the last chance she will ever have to feel John’s arms around her as they cuddled.

She lost her chance for a last kiss while John was still in her world.

She will never see the twinkle in his eye as he laughed. The smile that she looked forward to after a long hard day. Her ears will ache to hear, his laughter, a joke told only like he could tell it and to hear I love you whispered from his lips.

Most of all Jane will miss the way he tenderly wiped the tears from her face, held her tight and reassured her all would be alright.

Set your priorities. Nothing in the cyber-world is as important as those who are closet to you.

[Blogger Note: A Twitter Second was originally published on Joseph Clay’s personal blog Joe Coming Unglued on December 11, 2019. Blog transferred to to this website 9-8-2020.]

Blogger: Joseph Clay

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