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Hailey Verhaalen is an authentic talent whose inner flame shines bright; a young woman with deep, family roots that keep her grounded, heart-driven and full of excitement for a promising, musical future. Along with being a gifted, natural singer, Hailey’s ability to weave her experiences into tightly crafted, catchy songs lifts her above the norm of today’s it-all-sounds-the-same country.

Source – haileyverhaalen.com

Born and raised in Oregon City, Oregon, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Hailey’s passion for music has driven her since she stepped in front of her first large audience at a third grade talent show.

Since her early days, Hailey has opened for big time acts such as Love and Theft, James Otto, Craig Wayne Boyd, The Moonshine Bandits, and Sunny Ledfurd. She has performed at Oregon’s biggest festivals, rodeos and center court at the Moda Center.

While in Nashville, Tennessee Hailey has taken center stage at The Bluebird Café, The Famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and many other well-known venues in Nashville.

Today, one of Hailey’s favorite places to share her songs is in increasingly crowded local venues. Her growing legions of fans, thanks to a solid following on social media, gather and sing along to her original material.

Hailey’s debut EP Whiskey and Fire was released in 2014 and contains 4 songs.

  • “My Family Name”
  • “Whiskey and Fire”
  • Should I Fall” [Linked to Official Video]
  • You on My Mind

Hailey gave me a small tidbit of information on “My Family Name” the first track from the EP.

We released a single on that EP called “My Family Name” which talks about how I was raised, what I believe in and where I came from. This song is typically my “intro” song at shows because it paints a picture of who I am and where I came from!”

Hailey Verhaalen

Her second EP titled Girls Night Out was released in 2016 and contains five songs which can be heard on her Website.

  • “Pretty Girl”
  • “Midnight Cigarette”
  • Girls Night Out” [Linked to Official Video]
  • “The Answer”
  • “Broken Home”

The songs, “Pretty Girl,” and “Midnight Cigarette,” from Girls Night Out, showcases Hailey’s ability to weave her experiences into tightly crafted, catchy songs. These songs speak to the universal truths of life: love and heartbreak, friends and family, moments and memories, without relying on the usual clichés. The ability to create an authentic space within each song is what keeps her fans coming back to her live performances and downloading new singles as quickly as they come out.

Once you have listened to her incredible voice and lyrics you will want to buy her EPs. You can purchase/listen to all of Hailey Verhaalen’s released songs on all of the main music platforms. Live Laugh Love Nashville has provided a few of the links below to make easy.

Would you like a hard copy of Hailey Verhaalen music. She has you covered there also. You can buy all her EP’s and singles in CD format on her Website. She also carries other merchandise. The Girls Night Out T-shirt is great for a group of friends to wear out to the local Honky-Tonks.

At this time Hailey Verhaalen does not have any live dates scheduled for Nashville, but that can change any day. The tour dates on Hailey’s website are always up to date. She makes it a priority to add the show(s) the second she books a live performance.

She makes it easy to keep track of when and where she will be. All it takes is a simple visit to the website and click Tour Dates in the menu at the top. Below are her upcoming dates for her summer tour in Oregon.

  • Saturday July 22, 2017 – Oregon City, Oregon – First City Celebration w/Hailey Verhaalen
  • Friday July 28, 2017 – Center Point, Oregon – Country Crossing BiMart Music Festival w/Hailey Verhaalen
  • Friday August 4, 2017 – Oregon City, Oregon – OC Wild Hare
  • Friday August 11, 2017 – Molalla, Oregon – The Legends Bar and Grill
  • Saturday August 12, 2017 – Oregon City, Oregon – The Beaver Creek Saloon
  • Thursday August 17, 2017 – Canby, Oregon – Canby Wild Hare
  • Saturday August 19, 2017 – Oregon City, Oregon – Pioneer Pub

Below are all the links to connect you with Hailey Verhaalen on Social Media and more music links.

When she’s not playing music, you will find Hailey out in nature; hunting, riding quads or just kicking it with friends and family around a campfire. Hailey loves Sam’s Sports Grill in Old Hickory along with Ship Wreck Cove on Percy Priest Lake.

Both have absolutely amazing food as well and a fun atmosphere. They’re both right on the water, what more could you ask for on a sunny Nashville day!?”

Hailey Verhaalen

I asked Hailey if there were any other places she likes to hang.

Anywhere with some good ol’ live music! It is amazing to watch others and start to sing along with songs from people you’ve seen play at different writers rounds and places!”

Hailey Verhaalen

Hailey also loves to go and sit by Percy Priest with her guitar and write on nice days. She finds it very inspirational!

Hailey is a dog person. Back home in Oregon, two Pugs, a French Bulldog and her big St. Bernard, Bear! Hailey may be more of dog person but she loves cats also. Back in Oregon she has one cat. Here in Tennessee, her roommate has an adorable black cat named Baloo that Hailey loves to snuggle with. Hailey is planning on getting her own cat here in the next couple of months.

[Blogger Note: Hailey Verhaalen was written by Joseph Clay for Live Laugh Love Nashville – Music Monday Feature. The article was originally published to Live Laugh Love Nashville May 13, 2017. The feature was transferred ThunderHorse Publishing 4-10-2019 then transferred to this site on October 3, 2020.]

Blogger: Joseph Clay

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