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Witch’s Dilemma: eBook Release WWU # 9-17

After five months of brisk sales of Witch’s Dilemma in Paperback, the time has come to release the eBook version. The eBook format will go on sale Friday March, 17 2017. You can preorder your copy now on Amazon to get a step ahead of the game. Price $5.99.

WD Book Poster WS

©2017 Joseph Clay

Book Cover Design by: Rick Chappell ©2017 Rick Chappell

“The devils you know are angels of mercy compared to the hell you are about to encounter.”

World-renowned paranormal psychiatrist and practicing witch Doctor Valerie Bell and her husband, computer genius and strip club-owner Adam Bell, have an unusual marriage, but when Adam goes missing and a mutilated body is found in his car, Valerie begins to fear for her safety. At first she uses her powers of witchcraft and her position as a profiler for the Fort Worth Police Department to help with the investigation, but when she receives a threatening ransom note from a madman she turns to a private investigator for help.

Levi West, mysterious, sharp-witted and sexy, has come to Texas to help two women, Debra and Patricia, who are in the care of the non-profit organization Basham House. The women have endured a terrible supernatural ordeal in the Congolese jungle, and Levi takes them to Valerie for psychiatric therapy. During their first appointment Valerie tells them about her husband’s disappearance and begs Levi for help. But with so many skeletons hiding in Valerie’s closet, how can he be sure that he can trust her?

With the clock ticking, Valerie faces a dangerous dilemma: come up with the ransom money or execute a risky plan to save her career and her reputation. Whatever she chooses, she must act quickly. Although she keeps the details of her past firmly locked away, unfolding events threaten to drop the key right into the hands of the wrong people, and Valerie only has one week in which to assemble an unstoppable team before somebody unlocks the door. Can she convince Levi to help her in time, or will her sordid past end up splashed across the six o’clock news?

As the investigation continues, connections are made between Adam’s disappearance and a series of brutal killings, the Salem Stake murders, which took place six years previously. The killer was never found, and the bodies of the thirteen victims were all discovered alone, in rooms locked from the inside. So when a message from the returned Salem Stake is found in Adam’s car, alongside the unidentifiable body, the police begin to wonder how he could be connected to the unsolved crimes.

Witch’s Dilemma is a novel filled with twists, turns and plenty of questions to keep you guessing. Will the mystery of Adam’s disappearance ever be solved? Who is behind the Salem Stake murders and is it too late to bring them to justice? And is there more to the police investigation than meets the eye? As loyalties change and sexual attractions burn sudden and fierce, every character learns the price that must be paid when confronting a life-changing dilemma.

Dive into Witch’s Dilemma for an explosive adventure packed with witchcraft, sex, betrayal and bloodthirsty vengeance.

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Book blurb written by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.

Witch’s Dilemma and blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.


Witch’s Dilemma Characters: LACN Investigations

Lakota and Cherokee Nation Investigations, known as LACN Investigations, is owned by Carven Smith, Iris Clark, Beverly Clark and Levi West. The main office is located in Dahlonega, Georgia, in the East Dakota corporate office building. Will Valerie be able to hire this firm in time to get her out of the mess she is in, or will they turn their backs on her like everyone else has?

The following legend will let you know the role played by each character: (LR) – Lead Character; (MR) – Major Character; (SR) – Supporting Character; (MI) – Minor Character; and (HM) – Mentioned Character.

Levi West (MR), aka Bro, Cowboy, Big Evil, Crazy Ass White Boy, Batman – Special Investigator for LACN Investigations, business owner and/or partner of several businesses, philanthropist. Levi came to Texas with one mission, to protect the two young ladies who are in the care of Navarro Foundation, but will his decision put them in harm’s way? Levi has many business ventures that require a lot of his time. Given this and his unique mindset, Levi prefers only to investigate cases for LACN Investigations that utilize that mindset and his idea of justice. The new case that he has been asked to take on doesn’t fall into that category. Will his business partners and two sidekicks convince him to take the case? Levi also has several mental disorders; if he does agree to take on the job, will his client be bothered that he may be a true psychopath, as Doctor Sapp suspects? Can the client keep him in check, or is he really the one she needs to worry about?

Beverly Clark (MI), aka Bev, Sis, Commander, Vigilante with a Badge, Lady Sherlock, Little Evil, Crazy Ass White Woman – Lead Investigator for LACN Investigations, leader of an elite investigation team for a top-secret government agency. Beverly was the Chief Investigator of the Salem Stake slayings. Beverly is a master of disguise; her favorite persona is ‘Commander’, and when handling any investigation for work or the LACN, she stays in that persona until the case is solved or she returns home. Beverly has a stake in the job that Levi has been offered – can she convince the man who is like a brother to her to take on the case? Did she make a mistake in the past and has it come back to haunt her, or will she tie up the loose ends as she always has before?

Simon White (MI) – Investigator for LACN Investigations, pilot, logistics and electronics expert for LACN Investigations, Chief of Security for East Dakota L.L.C., pilot for East Dakota and Levi’s Life Flight company. When Beverly is on a case, Simon is close by, as the two are tight and Simon is smitten by her charm and looks.

Carven Smith (MI), aka Big C, Carv – Lead Investigator for LACN Investigations, Chief Operating Officer of East Dakota L.L.C., Chairman of the Board of Directors for East Dakota L.L.C., business owner and/or partner of several businesses. Carven is the go-to man for everything and is the rock pillar that holds everything up. Carven’s main job, however, concerns Levi; keeping him on his destined path is a job that is full of challenges.

Debra Wright (SR), aka Debs, and Patricia Mitchell (SR), aka Trish, are in care of the Basham House for Troubled Teens, a division of the Navarro Foundation. They were placed in their care after being rescued from an Alaskan avalanche, following a mysterious escape from the Congolese jungle. Navarro has enlisted Levi to take the young women back to Texas to get their lives back on track. The foundation has hired Drew Beck to make sure the women are not railroaded into a charge for a murder that they witnessed while they were actors in a Texas play. Along with the attorney, the foundation has also purchased the services of the best head doctor in Texas, Valerie Bell, to help them deal with their strange ordeal in the jungle. Will Levi, the lawyer and the doctor be able to help the two, or will they go to jail for murder? Even if they are cleared, what will happen to them? Can Levi keep them safe or is danger around the corner as they embark on a new adventure?

Next week we will wrap up the characters with the remaining (HM) Mentioned Characters. Then in the following weeks we will dive into the supernatural.

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 Witch’s Dilemma and blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.

A Deal Too Good To Be True

Debra Wright had been released from rehab once again after serving her time in the slammer. As the cold rain turned to sleet she stumbled off the concrete stoop and shifted her backpack, which contained everything she owned. The nightmares were still haunting her and she was tired of living on the streets, fighting for every scrap of food. Debra was determined to make it south so that she wouldn’t have to endure another Detroit winter…


Patricia Mitchell watched her graduation cap sail high into the air at her private Catholic school in Birmingham. She had accomplished what her parents wanted: Patricia was a true southern belle who had graduated at the top of her class. She had been waiting for this day for months, and tomorrow she would be on her way to the Gulf Coast with her friends to celebrate. For once she was going to experience real life and fun. But her dad had other plans, and they didn’t include her traipsing around on a beach half-naked with a bunch of drunk teenagers. That night Patricia took all she could and left via her bedroom window…


These two young women, total opposites, had the same goal: each wanted a different life. They met by chance and the bond between them was immediate. Together they set out on a journey that led from one adventure to another, but heartache, pain and trouble seemed to find them at every turn. In Texas Patricia and Debra shared the leading roles in an off-Broadway production. Their lives appeared to be on the right track until opening night, when all hell broke loose and murder put them on the run again. Patricia never mentioned it but she felt as if a mystical force was pulling them to a faraway destination which promised protection from the evils and troubles of the outside world. The organization STRFAA (Save The Rain Forest And Animals) offered them a deal that was too good to pass up and, they soon learned, too good to be true. They became prisoners in a jungle paradise, where The King of the Demons made his offer: drink the magic elixir or be subjected to torment and death, just like the ones who had refused to drink before them. Will Patricia’s vision of rescue come to pass? So far there is no sign of a knight in shining armor, and time is running out as one of the two holds the cup in her hands…


That’s a wrap readers! This was the last blog in the series Demons of the Jungle. The second edition is scheduled for release around the end of January/first of February. If you missed any of the posts all you need to do is click-n-go: “When is a second edition needed?”, “Birth of the Demons”, “Piecing it all together”, “Who is Debra Wright?”, “Who is Patricia Mitchell?”, “Who is Levi West?”, “The Demons”.


This may be the last blog, but it’s not the last of the posts. Next week is the unveiling of the new cover art by Rick Chappell – it uses the same concept as the original, with a few added touches. Make sure you don’t miss it.


Blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.


The Demons

We are only weeks away from the release of Demons of the Jungle, Second Edition. This week’s blog will be a little different, giving you, the reader, an insight into the story before the final blog next week.

Every book needs to have an antagonist. Demons has several. The first two we will cover have names that are Latin and Greek. For more on how these names came about, check out blog three in this series, “Piecing it all together”.

We’ll start with the boss of the crew, Malum (ma·lum). Malum is the mastermind behind the scheme to rule the world by populating it with other demons that are under his control. Unsuspecting people in trouble wander into his realm, thinking they will be safe. Malum, however, through calculated events has lured them there to help with his devious plot.

Malum’s son, Asmodeus (/ˌæzməˈdiːəs/) – who is one of the seven the princes of Hell and the demon of lust – travels the world persuading and tempting those that fall for his charms. He has help on his travels: Clark and Jenny, non-demons who have chosen to drink the elixir and become immortal, and are also recruiters for Malum. Of course, others have already joined Malum in his quest before our two protagonists, Debra and Patricia, get there (click on their names to read the Bios for each). Paula and others are still in the jungle, while others have disappeared. Have those missing people served out their contracts and returned home, or was Malum behind their disappearance because they refused to join him?

In Demons the young ladies scramble to stay alive, but are they running from what is trying to save them? Will their plan work to beat Malum and get back to their world? Will the help Patricia foresaw show up in time? Who are they looking for and will their help be in human or spirit form? They have no idea, they don’t know who to trust and time is running out!

Excerpts from Demons of the Jungle

“Debra, minutes after they dropped you off, my clan snatched them from the car at a traffic light. They were beaten, tortured, and your mother raped again, all in my name, before being sacrificed to me,” Malum explained.

Debra stood there in shock with tears streaming down her face. She froze as she stood and listened, while Malum continued.

He chuckled as he went into the details about holding the bathroom door shut at the truck stop, which made Debra miss her ride out west. His plan would have been foiled if she had not been there when Trish arrived.

“Trish, like with Debra I had to make sure you stayed away from home. I couldn’t take a chance on you returning and not meeting Debra. I used the power of Mother Nature to destroy them as they slept. The superior being would not allow me to make them suffer,” Malum exclaimed.

Debra and Trish were now hugging each other, crying and trembling, but they found some comfort in each other’s arms. Trish could tell by Malum’s voice the pleasure he was getting from telling them the details of his executed plan. She didn’t want to interrupt as he continued.

His story moved on to Texas and how Trish was correct in her assumption about that night on the Texas stage. Damian and Luke were indeed the same person, and that’s how the flyers had got in their hands. Then he moved on to what they didn’t know. The actor playing Mr. Evil had written the script and made a deal with Malum in exchange for two virgins, beautiful, of course. He would use his play to bring people from the light and into the darkness.

“That’s why you two were in Texas,” Malum stated.


Both girls had stopped eating and were trying to keep their food down as the feature stopped rolling. Debra tried to rock her chair but to no avail. She looked at Trish and whispered, “I’m making a run for it.”

“Hang on, help will be here soon,” Trish replied.

Debra paid no attention as she fought to crawl out of the chair over the table, getting nowhere. The lights were turned back up.

“In front of you, ladies, are the cups. Drink and enjoy life with no fear and enjoy the palace, or suffer a grueling slow death,” Malum said.

“Why didn’t you give Mrs. Johnson the cup? She was willing,” Trish asked.

“Her soul was a good one, but his was the one I needed,” Malum barked.

Trish nodded her head as she turned to Debra. With tears pouring down her face, Debra shook her head.

“I don’t have your optimism. I don’t want to die that way. Something made Mrs. Johnson feel pure pleasure before her demise. She appeared to enjoy it. If that’s the spawning ritual, bearing their children is the lesser of the two evils for me. I’ll beg for a quick death for you if you choose not to drink,” Debra whispered.

Debra reached for the cup. Her hands were shaking as she brought it to her mouth. Before she could get the goblet to her lips, Trish held her other hand.

“No, hang on, I feel help is close,” Trish exclaimed.

Blogs in this series: “When is a second edition needed?”, “Birth of the Demons”, “Piecing it all together”, “Who is Debra Wright?”, “Who is Patricia Mitchell?”, “Who is Levi West”, and the teaser before the release, “A deal too good to be true”.


Blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.


Who is Levi Colt West?

Ok, we have covered the two protagonists in “Who is Debra Lynn Wright?” and “Who is Patricia Sue Mitchell?” This week we will cover a supporting character whose Bio Template is as thick as a book.

But first, a little more information about the Bio Template. The first page of the Template, ‘Character Data’, is book-related, meaning that the facts on that sheet are relevant to that story alone. The more books the character appears in, the more front sheets he or she has. The second sheet, ‘Bio’, grows with the character, as new information is added every time something changes in their life – they get married, divorced, enter education, you get the idea. On the third sheet, ‘Notes’, I list each book that the character appears in, the changes that happen in their life in each book, and any notes that are needed to make sure they wear the same watch, drive the same car or carry the same phone throughout the story.

Levi West is the first character that I dreamed up and, oh, he had plenty of names before this one took hold. Remember back in the blog “From Engineering to an Author” I mentioned that the first novel I penned was over a hundred thousand words, and that the editor made suggestions about what path I should take? Well, Levi was the major player in that book (which will turn into a series). The way he got into this book was unexpected and unplanned. The editor of Demons of the Jungle, First Edition didn’t like the way the story ended and suggested that I change it. I decided that, since in the future Levi would become a household name, I would introduce him in Demons. Great marketing idea, don’t you think?

From the Bio Template, Page One

Book title, year: Demons of the Jungle, 2009

Name: Levi Colt West

AKA: Levi

Character prominence: Minor

Role: Protagonist

Year of birth: 1984

Age at time of story: 25

Physical Description

Sex: Male

Height: 6’-5”

Weight: 285 pounds

Hair: Black, spiked on top and short on the sides

Eyes: Deep blue

Nose: Greek

Mouth: Normal

Lips: Plump

Teeth: White, perfect

Build: Muscular, body builder definition

Skin tone: Smooth, dark complexion (half American Indian)

Hands: Extra large

Feet: Extra large

Striking Features, Distinctive Language, Hobbies, etc

  • Sheer size.
  • Southern drawl with a lot of baseball lingo.
  • Hobbies: Golf, baseball, horseback riding.


  • To find a diamond or gold mine for purchase.
  • To… [If I say any more it will give the story away.]

 Fatal Flaws

  • Temper

[Levi shows up in the last chapter so his major flaws do not come into play.]

Saving Graces

  • Ability to communicate telepathically with his grandmother and others while in deep meditation.
  • Friends in high places.
  • Determination.

Role Played and Outcome

Levi is a businessman on a trip to Alaska.

Outcome: [Sorry, I can’t tell you. You’ll have to read the book.]

From the Bio Template, Page Two

Levi Colt West, known as Levi, was born and raised on a ranch in Dahlonega, Georgia. His family was wealthy and Levi never wanted for anything and attended the best private schools. Levi’s life changed when his dad, Remington, and grandfather, Winchester, were killed in a plane crash. Two years later, his mom, Susan, and grandmother, Betsy, perished in a car accident. The death of Betsy, who was Levi’s rock, sent the ranch and his mental state into a downward spiral. When Levi turned eighteen he was handed control of the ranch business and it was his job to pull it from the ruins and restore it to its former glory. While doing this he learned what his family was all about, and this fit right in with Levi’s mentality and disposition. Within three years everything was on track and Levi never looked back.

Excerpt from Demons of the Jungle

There was nothing Levi could do. Doug was strict when it came to safety, and since Levi wasn’t certified in rescue he had to remain on the sidelines, watching. Elena, who knew her man better than the back of her hand, walked over and took his gloved paw. He bent down so he could hear what she was saying. He smiled as she talked and rushed to the table where Doug was.

“How many crews have you got?” he asked.

“We don’t know if anybody is buried. The transmitter we’re picking up could have been knocked out of someone’s hand. They got away from the slide. I’m only working one crew,” he explained.

Levi, trying to keep his temper in check, took a deep breath to make sure his words were not harsh or coming out in anger.

“Do you have more than one crew?” He reworded the question.

“Yes, I have five more. They work in eight-hour shifts. I can’t warrant bringing the other two in,” he stated.

“I think you can. Talk it over with your superiors while I’m gone. I’ll be back within the hour,” Levi said with a firm look.

Elena had the bird in the air. Levi was on his cell; he may not be able to help in the rescue, but he could help the rescuers.

Levi and Elena were back. They had a crew of six with them, who were unloading the bird. She and Levi found Doug.

“We rounded up some help. These people, along with Elena and I, will set up a tent. Inside there will be refreshments, cots for rest, and a warming station. She’s headed back for more supplies,” Levi explained.

“Levi, I’ve no idea who you are but I got a call from the Governor Sean Parnell, then Sarah Palin. Needless to say, I’ve called the other two crews in,” Doug stated, shaking his head.

“Thank you. Can you give me an update?” Levi asked.

After Demons of the Jungle is released Levi’s full bio will be posted on the official website, AuthorJosephClay.

Blogs in this series: “When is a second edition needed?”, “Birth of the Demons”, “Piecing it all together”, “Who is Debra Wright?”, “Who is Patricia Mitchell?”, “The Demons”, and the teaser before the release, “A deal too good to be true”.


Blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.


Who is Debra Lynn Wright?

In my last blog, “Piecing it all Together”, I discussed how I named characters and how I made the two main protagonists, Debra Wright and Patricia Mitchell, total opposites from one another. That was the short version. Once I got names it was time to build the characters from there: give each a face, features, personality, dialect and a bio/background. They also needed motivations and goals, flaws and saving graces which pertained to the story.

I have a three-page bio/character-building template that I use. I’m not going to get into all the details of the sheet (I will write a blog on the Bio Template itself in between books), but all the information you are about to read came from the Bio Template, so you will get an idea of all that it contains. This is the description of one of the main characters in Demons of the Jungle: Debra Lynn Wright. Not everything will be revealed here—only the high points and any items that are in her bio but may not have come out in the book. (Yep, that happens sometimes. If it happens to you, don’t force the information into your book; readers will know if doesn’t belong, as it will read awkwardly or slow down the flow of the story. And if the proofreader/editor removes some of it, bite the bullet and leave it out.)

From the Bio Template, Page One

Book title, year: Demons of the Jungle, 2009

Name: Debra Lynn Wright

AKA: Debs, Red, Red Gator

Character prominence: Major

Role: Protagonist

Year of birth: 1988

Age at time of story: 21

Physical Description

Sex: Female

Height: 5’-7”

Weight: 115 pounds

Hair: Red, straight, mid-back in length

Eyes: Brown

Nose: Medium length and width, turned up at the end

Mouth: Small

Lips: Top thin, bottom full

Teeth: Chipped and rotting from drug use

Build: Thin and athletic

Skin tone: Light with freckles, burns easily

Hands: Medium

Feet: Medium

 Striking Features, Distinctive Language, Hobbies, etc

  • Bright red hair.
  • Uses a lot of gang slang and street language in her speech, with an American accent from north of the Mason Dixon line.
  • Hobbies: None.


  • To stay clean and free of drugs. To be able to support herself in a home of her own, with food on the table, in a warmer climate.
  • To help Patricia through her struggles and keep her from trying drugs. To help someone else avoid making her mistakes.
  • To protect herself and Patricia in the jungle, in order to achieve the first goal.

 Fatal Flaws

  • Hot-tempered and has a smart mouth.
  • Always fighting the drug demons.
  • Trust issues.

Saving Graces

  • Cares about others and discourages them when she thinks they are making mistakes that could lead them down the path she has traveled.
  • A survivor.
  • Learns to trust Patricia.

 Role Played and Outcome

Debra is a homeless, street-smart young woman striving for a better life. Co-lead with Patricia Sue Mitchell.

Outcome: [Sorry, I can’t tell you. You’ll have to read the book.]


From the Bio Template, Page Two

Debra Lynn Wright was born in 1988. Her parents are unknown to her as she was delivered to an orphanage before she was a month old. Debra was bounced from foster home to foster home for most of her infant and toddler years. The only time she learned anything about family life was between the ages of six and thirteen; she spent those years with the same family.

Once Debra hit puberty she soon figured out that blood was thicker than water. Her foster family had an older biological son that loved spying on Debra in the shower, sneaking into her room at night, and behaving in other mischievous ways. The mom caught him and decided it was too risky to have Debra in the home with a 15 year old with raging hormones. She informed the orphanage that Debra was not the problem, but that she felt it would be safer for Debra and the boy if they came and picked her up.

The next family let her know that she was only there for the check they received for keeping her. The only two rules: Debra had to be there when the social worker showed up, and say nothing negative to screw up their check. Other than that they preferred not to lay eyes on her.

At the age of 14 Debra found herself spending more and more time on the streets. Life in Detroit was getting rough and the family used Debra’s money to feed themselves, leaving her with very little for food, school supplies and clothes. Debra was eating out of trash cans from behind restaurants and begging for money on street corners.

When she turned 16 she dropped out of school and disappeared into the multitude of homeless people that now consumed the streets. Debra learned the system well: when she got sick she intentionally got caught shop-lifting so that she would be arrested. The county lock-up had free medical care and they were obligated to get her to a doctor.

She learned to survive on the streets and became withdrawn and a loner. To ease the fear, pain and bottled-up anger she carried around—which was caused by horrific nightmares and her hate and resentment from being tossed to the curb by her birth parents—Debra turned to drugs soon after she became 17.  She would take odd jobs, including being a waitress, stripper or temp worker. When nothing was available in those fields she would turn to panhandling, and if that didn’t bring enough cash in she would commit petty theft in order to feed her habit. She stayed away from crimes that were considered felonies to avoid long stints behind bars.

Debra never gave into the deals the pimps tossed her way and she stayed away from prostitution, as her virginity was all she had left. Her habit had taken everything else: her pride, health, integrity and self-esteem were all gone. By the time she was 18 her norm was a vicious cycle: being arrested, getting sentenced to drug rehab and being released, only to repeat the cycle days, weeks or months later. This continued till she was 21, which brings us up to when the story takes over.

Excerpt from Demons of the Jungle

“Should we choose not to drink we’ll suffer a horrific death,” Debra exclaimed, her hands shaking as she flipped the pages.

Trish started to weep, her hands and knees trembling. With her eyes twitching she covered her mouth and dashed toward the porta john they used. She didn’t make it. She stopped short of the door and bent over, the coffee and breakfast bars crashing to the ground as she heaved. Debra poured water over a cloth and rushed to her, handing her the rag.

“My nerves are all torn up, Debs. When will this nightmare end?” Trish sobbed as she straightened up and wiped her face.

Debra pulled her in close and wiped the hair and tears from her face. They began the trek back to the table so Trish could get off her feet.

“Don’t worry Trish, we got this. We won’t become anyone’s sluts spitting out demon children, so get that picture out of your head. We have two days to figure something out.”

After Demons of the Jungle is released Debra’s full bio will be posted on the official website AuthorJosephClay.

Blogs in this series: “When is a second edition needed?”, “Birth of the Demons”, “Piecing it all together”, “Who is Patricia Mitchell?”, “Who is Levi West?”, “The Demons”, and the teaser before the release, “A deal too good to be true”.

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