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What Happened – Writing is the Easy Part – So I Thought (WU #14-17)


What’s up friends? I have a couple of reasons for asking. The first, I want to know and the second, I have no idea what is up with me. So I’m hoping someone knows what is going on. I feel like I’m running in a hundred different directions and not getting nothing done at all. Most of the time my writing keeps me half way sane, but lately it’s driving me crazy, as the characters are taking over and taunting me.

I’ll start with the writing updates. Below is the progress made since the last blog was posted on 5-4-2017 titled “Want to be a Published Author! (WU #13-17). Reading it may shed some light on the updates and blog below.

Working Projects

Witch’s Dilemma Video Trailer: At last post I had no idea the status of this project. I’m happy to report it has been completed with the exception of the credits at the end. The video is awesome, Jayce Boynton owner of Capture Scratch Productions, LLC., did an excellent job. Since the restructuring and forming of ThunderHorse Publishing, the logo for the company will need to be added to the credits also. The Logo should be completed within two weeks. However the video will be held from public view till Witch’s Dilemma has been pulled from the retail market and republished under ThunderHorse Publishing.

Writing Projects

[No book will be released until after the Publishing company is up and running. My goal is to have all the projects ready for publishing when that happens. I uses a 7 stage system in my writing process letting me know at what stage each writing project is at.  Her is the numbering system explanations; 1-Write * 2 – Manuscript Review * 3 – Rewrite * 4 – Edit * 5 – Proofread * 6 – Book Cover Art /Illustrations/Format/Book Trailer Video * 7 – Publish. I have listed the projects below in order of expected release.]

Thunder Bear: (Stages/Completion Percentage – 1/100%, 2/100%, 6/25%, Book Cover Art is complet.) Clare at Human Voices and I are wrapping up the discussions on the changes that need to be made to the manuscript, this includes story line adjustments and formatting.

The Bet: (Stages/Completion Percentage – 1/75%). This will be a love story with an erotic twist that came out of no where after arguing with my characters. I’ll explain how it fell into place in the blog below.

The Erotic Tales of Joe: (Stages/Completion Percentage – 1/25%). This book of erotic short stories has been through same changes since the last blog. The word count of 76,770 has declined to 64,023 and the total of stories went from 7 to 6 but two poems were added. The reason for this will be covered in the blog below also. At this time the book contains these completed tales and poems. “To a Princes” (Poem) * “Masterful Tongue” (Poem) * “Across the Hall – One Door Down” * “Paula’s Second Chance” * “Professor Rothschild – Cougar 101” * “What Damn Day is it Anyway” * “I Love Them Both” * “Making a Last Ditch Effort”. I would like to have twenty stories in this book putting the word count somewhere around 150,000 and 200,000 words. I have seven more stories outlined, so will need to come up with another five or six tales and/or poems.

The Tales of Joe: (Stages/Completion Percentage – 1/20%). This book hasn’t got much attention. At this time the book contains six stories which are titled. “Bloody Waters of Wahoo Creek” * “Death of a Soul – Birth of a Killer” * “To Die in Peace is to Rest in Peace” * “Night of Dreams” * “The Birds of Peace” * “Cursed; To Be or Not to Be”. Like above I would like to have twenty stories in this book putting the word count somewhere around 150,000 and 200,000 words. I have two outlined, which means I need around twelve more.

Demons of the Jungle: (Stages/Completion Percentage – 1/100%, 2/100%). If that title looks familiar it should, it’s my first published novel. Demons of the Jungle will lead us straight into the blog.

Blog #14-17 Pic1

Writing is not easy, buy a long shot. But I feel compared to all the other hats an independent author wears it is the easiest part. But sometimes due to the authors ego and stubbornness it becomes difficult which leads to everything getting crazy.

[For more on what an independent author does read my post “A Glimpse into the Glamorous Life of an Independent Author”.]

Demons of the Jungle is my baby, as it’s my first published worked and is in eBook and Paperback format. There has already been one major revision to the book as I felt it was not my best work. Read “When is a second edition needed?” That blog will explain my line of thinking on that re-write. The second edition was an improvement over the first from book cover art to story. However people either like it or hate it, and the written reviews are harsh to say the least. The first and second editions were done by different editors. The editor I use now, Clare at Human Voices, who is not one of the two mentioned above, is top notch and the best in the business. As I have said a thousand times I trust her completely with my writing career. I had her do a manuscript review on the second edition. We will get into what she found in the next blog as we cover the rewrite in depth. Maybe the old saying, the third time is a charm will hold true here.

How The Bet came to life. I love Edgar Allan Poe and remember in his The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, the tale titled “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, had a sequel to it titled “The Mystery of Marie Roget.” From the manuscript West on the East – Noon Judgment I had to cut a whole chapter due to content and I needed to also get rid of some characters. That chapter dealt with two lead female characters that played off each other and intertwined through the chapter. The chapter was too long to be a short story. Then my brain kicked in and I snapped my fingers as I thought, That’s it, I’ll break it up into two different stories, similar to what Poe did. As I was celebrating my genius of an idea, my gut was telling me, nope that will never work. “Learning to Please – Christina’s Story”, would be the first story with “The Secrets of Delilah” being the sequel. I finished “Learning to Please – Christina’s Story” and placed it into The Erotic Tales of Joe short story collection and began working on “The Secrets of Delilah”. The stories were tying in great and I was laughing at my characters as they were telling me I was no Poe and what I was doing wasn’t going to work as they needed to stay together. Laughing at them was a mistake. Once I got to the end of “The Secrets of Delilah” the struggle became real. Although the stories had meshed and “The Secrets of Delilah” was a sequel of “Learning to Please – Christina’s Story” the ending didn’t feel right or end the way I wanted it to. The characters started taunting me each day, to put it all back together and make it a novel. This battle went on for weeks until I gave in and reevaluated the situation as I realized they were right and one of the story’s endings had to change to make it work. I walked away leaving it to simmer for a couple of more days before returning to it. The characters had calmed down by then, but were ready to do battle again if I didn’t see the light. I was shaking my head in less than a minute. There, right in front of me, was a chapter that had all the components of a great erotic love story. All it needed was a few tweaks and the word count would come out around 75,000 words with the ending the way I wanted. “Learning to Please – Christina’s Story” was removed from The Erotic Tales of Joe leaving the book short a story and about 12,000 words. The writing process started over with the chapter intact bringing to life the love story titled The Bet.

[Note: To find out what happened with my first ever manuscript West on the East – Noon Judgment; read my blogged titled “Numbers to Words: My Journey from Engineering to Writing.]

Till next week,



Q and A with Tiffany Miller – The Marketing Mill #6-17

The Q and A with Tiffany Miller – The Marketing Mill has been relocated to Independent Artist of America (IAA).

From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author. Weekly Writing Update #2-17


I have survived another week of hair-raising, do we need to call the cops or ambulance to the hood, drama. I’m proud to be able to come to you once again with an update.

  • Upcoming Book Review: The G. Michelle book review of Promise Me Always: Gabe & Evie (Bayou Romance Book 1) is in the works, maybe a few days late, like I said I’ve survived drama this week.
  • Upcoming Interview: G. Michelle has the interview questions, and is working on answering them. So we will say this project is in the works, but out of my hands.
  • Upcoming Interview: Tiffany Miller, owner of The Marketing Mill has agreed to the interview, so be looking forward to that.
  • Joes WIP: I have three writing projects I’m working on and the status is the same as last week.

Wow look at this we got some typing room left, so lets discuss websites and blogs, namely mine. If you have been following me for long you know I have a blog here on WordPress, Joseph Clay – Author Official Blog I also have an Official Website, Joseph Clay -Author Note (Removed due to Website relocation 2-8-2017). Now keep those two sites in your mind as I dive deep into the nightmare of website design. Oh yeah as an Independent Author I wear many hats, besides my Stetson.

Over the holidays I had thought about a way of combining the two, I called WordPress and Go Daddy, host of the official website, as it turns out there was no way to do so, without some money exchanging hands. Hell I haven’t even got Christmas paid off yet, so that was out of the question. So I kept pondering.

Then last Friday, I got a text from Dan owner of  Atomic Nashville, he had sold out of Witch’s Dilemma, my latest release, and needed more. After tearing my rotor cuff and dislocating my shoulder from patting myself on the back I removed two books from my inventory and headed out. Atomic Nashville is only three blocks from the house so I was there in no time replenishing his table. Once done I looked around and it hit me like an ACME anvil dropping from the sky. Character, locally owned corner bookstores have character. I wanted my official website, that I sell my books from, to have character. Offer the readers something more than books.

The Revamp of both sites began that afternoon. The testing of the official website and official blog was tedious. I had every computer in the house locked into one or the other, East Nashville I’m sure lost all internet service as I was sucking it all up.

I’ll cover the good stuff first and get into the technical later. I changed the name of the official website to Joes Bookstore and More (Removed due to Website relocation 2-8-2017). Catchy don’t you think. To get that home town cozy feel of a mom and pop bookstore I began adding items, after all it is a store, but yet still my Official Website. I wanted to keep the merchandise book related, then I thought, Joe you like to have too much fun, so we need novelties and gag gifts as well. Then I decided we needed gift ideas also, that could range from Jewelry to Leather Jackets. I also decided we needed books, hell I only have two published, what’s a book store with just two books. My family has a huge library of books, they are used, but in tip-top shape, so some of those will be for sale. I’m also going to try to hook up with other Independent Authors and see if I can offer their printed books on the site as well. Sitting back I once again began to think, did I leave anything or anyone out. Right before I got a headache, thinking does that to me, it came to me. I had forgotten the kids. So I added a kids section pronto. We began loading merchandise to the store on Monday January 1-16-2017, with a goal of three to five items a day. Go on over to Joe’s Bookstore and More, and browse around. Do me a favor let me know what you think by dropping me a line.

Now for the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say. During testing I noticed it was too hard for retailers to order my books. You see not everyone can send me a text or is located as close as Atomic Nashville. I came up with a system that worked beautifully during testing and implemented it revamping the Retail Orders/Distribution tab, making it easier for other bookstores to place an order on consignment or below retail. Next problem I encountered, if you wanted to read the blog you still had to go to the official blog site. With close to 400 followers I couldn’t shut the official blog down, so I did the next best thing. I added a blog tab, to the official website. Now customers can read my latest blog from there and if they want more, you guessed it, there is a link to the official blog site. By the time I was done the Official Blog and the Official Website mirrored one another, with links between the two where needed.

Till next time, keep reading and enjoying the escape a book can offer and go shopping at  Joe’s Bookstore and More.

Yours Truly,

Joseph Clay

From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author. Weekly Writing Update #1-17

Hello everyone, after taking some time off for the holidays I’m back in front of the typewriter, well keyboard. Here is an update on what’s going on and what I hope to publish this year along with other news.

  • Free eBook: Friday January 13, 2017 will began a book give away, that’s right you read it here first, a book for free, by Ava Bell – Author. Check back here tomorrow, January 12, 2017 for the information and link to obtain your free book, C/curious Book 1 of The Tabu Series. Which is guaranteed to melt the snow from you’re your roof.
  • Upcoming Book Review: G. Michelle hit a home run (scored a touchdown for y’all football fans) right out of the gate with her first book Promise Me Always: Gabe & Evie (Bayou Romance Book 1). Proving that she is not just a pretty face but a very talented author. That review is scheduled to post before 1-20-2017.
  • Upcoming Interview: G. Michelle has agreed to pull up a chair and answer my twenty off the wall questions so we can get to know her a little better.
  • Upcoming Interview: I’m also hoping Tiffany Miller, owner of The Marketing Mill will also agree to an interview. Her company can help a lot of authors new and old with promotions, events, and more.
  • Joes WIP: I have three writing projects I’m working on. The first, The Tales of Joe, is a collection of short stories from over the years. Most of them are dark tales, but there is some light that breaks through a page or two. The second, The Erotic Tales of Joe. Once again a collection of short stories written over time, or scenes that were kicked from a book due to content and restructured for this book. The third Project and the one that will most likely be published first is the first book in The New Era Series – A Levi West Novel titled Rise from the Ruins. That title is subject to change to The Death of Thunder Bear or Charlotte Rises to Power, or something else. Subscribe to the blog and stay abreast of all the above works.

Tell next time, keep reading and enjoying the escape a book can offer.

Yours Truly,

Joseph Clay

Witch’s Dilemma: Some Things Can’t be Explained

Well, here we are – the last blog before the release of Witch’s Dilemma this Friday, October 21, 2016, with a big Halloween-themed party at Atomic Nashville, located here in East Nashville. I hope to see everyone there as I will be autographing books and answering questions.

My last blog covered the documented haunting of the Bell family in Adams, Tennessee. Whether you believe in witches, ghosts, spirits, the paranormal, or the supernatural, we all have to agree with Valerie in Witch’s Dilemma when she says, “some things just can’t be explained”.

Witch’s Dilemma contains four witches who all follow the Wiccan religion, its beliefs and rituals. These witches are all quite different from each other. One is bad and uses her craft for revenge; once that revenge is accomplished she ceases her evil and disappears. Then there’s the witch who also uses her power for evil, to intimidate and gain power, wealth, and prestige. She has no problem using her craft to teach people lessons and will destroy anyone who gets in her way. Then we have the good witch who uses her craft to do good, heal, and protect. The good witch is also faced with a dilemma, and must make a decision to protect those to whom she is indebted. The best way to describe the fourth witch is as a witch-in-training. After years of being lost, she is figuring out who she is and what she wants to do in life. The question is, will she thirst for power and be swayed to the evil side, or will she use her newfound gift to do good?

That covers the witches. Next we have a person with discerning spirits who can sense evil in others and can have visions triggered by smells. One character may or may not be a warlock; he doesn’t know and neither does anyone else, except for the spirit that protects him at all costs. This spirit can be ruthless one minute and help to save a life the next. When she taps into the energy of the maybe–maybe not warlock, her powers are unstoppable and she can’t be defeated.

Put all these characters and more in a book and there is bound to be trouble, feuds, attractions, and desires that must be quenched. In Witch’s Dilemma a particular Fort Worth detective feels the wrath of one of the bad witches on more than one occasion, a witch who also loves to please herself and others sexually through witchcraft. Another uses her craft to become a serial killer. These acts are just the tip of the iceberg, and with all the supernatural/paranormal activity filling the air, someone is going to die.

Witch’s Dilemma is a novel filled with twists, turns, and plenty of questions to keep you guessing. As loyalties change and sexual attractions burn sudden and fierce, every character learns the price that must be paid when confronting a life-changing dilemma.

Dive into Witch’s Dilemma for an explosive adventure packed with witchcraft, sex, betrayal, and bloodthirsty vengeance.

The other blogs in the Witch’s Dilemma series: Texas Witching Hour Book Teaser/Cover ReleaseValerie and AssociatesFort Worth Government LACN Investigations Rounding Out the CastThe Bell Witch Haunting.

Visit Joseph Clay’s Official Website and Bookstore

Witch’s Dilemma and blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.


 Hope to see everyone there!

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