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Want to be a Published Author! (WU #13-17)

Hello my faithful readers. Time for a weekly writing update and blog. A lot of you are wondering, and I don’t blame you, why I haven’t been posting weekly updates? The last post was on March, 31, 2017 over a month ago. I normally don’t tie my writing blog with my personal one but since I also vanished from social media all together I wrote a blog explaining me and S.A.D titled Has S.A.D. Driven Joe to the Fiery Pit?

Now on to the writing the updates. Even though I suffer from S.A.D. I do get a lot of writing done in the winter months as I don’t venture out unless absolutely necessary.

  • Witch’s Dilemma Video Trailer: I have no idea of the status of this project. It is on my list of things to find out by the next post.
  • Thunder Bear: As of the last post Thunder Bear was headed to the editors for a manuscript review. Well as of this writing the review has been completed and returned. Clare at Human Voices  and I are in discussion of that review ironing out the story.
  • The Tales of Joe: One new story in the writing stage. Revenge or Justice is a dark and twisted tale. Status not changed Stage 1. This book has been placed on hold.
  • The Erotic Tales of Joe: This is where most of the writing time has been spent. Across the Hall – One Door Down which was in stage 2 of 3 as of last post is completeOther short stories that have been completed since the last posting. Paula’s Second Chance, Professor Rothschild – Cougar 101, and What Damn Day is it Anyway. The next three tales of heated passion come from the manuscript West on the East – Noon Judgment. (To read about that manuscript click here.) They include the following short stories.  Learning to Please – Christina’s Story is complete. Keeping the Unit Intact, I changed the name of this tale to I Love Them Both. The story has went from stage 1 to 2 and is near completion. Making a Last Ditch Effort is another tale that was written and completed since the last posting. The short story also comes from the manuscript West on the East – Noon Judgment. That gives me a total of 7 stories out of the twenty I would like to have. That will put the word count between 150,000 and 200,000 words.
  • One Date and Done. This erotic tale is on hold and will be a Novella or a Novel.


WU _13-17

Why am I putting One Date and Done on hold along with other projects such as the rewrite of my first book Demons of the Jungle and the Tales of Joe. All this and more is explained in my personal blog Has S.A.D. Driven Joe to the Fiery Pit?

The short version, all this is being done for legal and tax reasons. I will be pulling Demons of the Jungle and Witch’s Dilemma from Joe’s Book Store, Amazon, and Nook in the near future. They will be republished under the publishing company that is in the process of being formed named ThunderHorse Publishing. All my adventures such as the bookstore and others will be owned by one company and that company will be the publishing company.

ThunderHorse Publishing will not only be publishing my books, but other independent authors as well. ThunderHorse Publishing will offer a full range of services that will include; Formatting, Cover Design, and Illustrations. The publishing company will also offer Manuscript Reviews, Editing and Proofreading along with assistance in Marketing your book over Social Media and other marketing advice. These services can be purchased individually or in packages. At ThunderHorse Publishing we will assign your book an Unique ISBN number from Bowker allowing your work to be recognized around the world, something that the free ISBN numbers don’t do, if you choose that package.

[Writers Note: Tackling the subject of ISBN Numbers will be the first blog written by ThunderHorse Publishing. ]

With all that said ThunderHorse Publishing will be looking for new independent writers in the near future. If you think writing is for you ThunderHorse Publishing could be your guide. I will post all the updates from the publishing company here until the website and blog or functional. All of the companines post will be on my Facebook Author Page and Twitter Feed. Pass this along with anyone that may want to fulfill their dream of becoming a published author.

Till next week,




Is Knowing How to Spell and Type a Must (WWU #11-17)

Before we get into the blog part of this week’s update, let’s quickly cover what has been happening in Joe’s World of Writing.

  • In the coming weeks watch for the video book trailer in production for Witch’s Dilemma by Jayce Boynton owner of Capture Scratch Productions, LLC..
  • Voting on the book cover for Thunder Bear is still open. The polls will close Sunday March 26, 2017 at midnight. The winner will be announced in the weekly writing update posted in the week of 3-28/4-3, 2017. At this time TB-5 is in the lead by 6 votes. To see all the covers visit here.
  • Thunder Bear, the manuscript, is still on schedule to be completed and submitted to Clare at Human Voices for a manuscript review by the end of the month.
  • The other projects The Tales of Joe and The Erotic Tales of Joe, are still in the works with no new progress at this time.

Blog #11-17 Feature

Now on to the short blog feature.

“Do Not Let Your Weakness Define Who You Are And Stop You From Chasing Your Dream.” J.C.

At meet and greets, book signings and other events at least one person will make the following comment.

“Man I wish I had your vocabulary and could spell as well as you. So I could write books also. It would take me forever oh. I hunt and peck when I type.”

Well if any of you remember me from high school, college or in the work force y’all know I can’t type, my vocabulary is that of an eighth grader most of the time, and I can’t spell worth a damn. I was told more than once and by more than one teacher.

 “Joseph you need to buckle down in English, because punctuation, grammar, and spelling are important. Work on your spelling, its atrocious. Sound the word out syllable by syllable. You will need these skills to survive in the real world.”

Sounding out syllables is fine and dandy if you speak properly. I’m from the Deep South and spent some time in Texas and mix the two dilects and the drawl. So I don’t speak the English language the way it is meant to be spoken. Sounding out the words with me doesn’t work. If I spelled the way I speak “Dog” would be spelled “Dawg”, “Climb” would be spelled “Clim”, and “Atrocious” would be “Nutrocious”. Toss in the fact that any word that ends in “ing” I drop the “g”, example “running” would be spelled “runnin.”

Well to everyone’s surprise I graduated college and hit the work force. From day one there was always someone to check my work, mainly spelling and grammar. Sure it was shabby and I had to change a lot but my mechanical ability and math skills outweighed the bad English. After the first year or two I moved up, and from then on out had a secretary. When I left the engineering field in 2014 I had two patents under my belt, held the positions of Chef Engineer for a Fortune 500 company, Document Control Engineer for one of the biggest suppliers of car parts in the US and China and a Project Manager for the east coast for another company.

I know what you are thinking, how in the heck did he become a writer. Easy, that’s what I decided to do. I still type around twenty to thirty words a minute and over half are spelled wrong. But in today’s world we have spell check and auto correct. Be careful with those as auto correct will insert a word that is close to the spelling which may not be the word you wanted. See last week’s blog for an example. When I spell a word so badly that spell check or auto correct has no idea what the word is supposed to be I turn to my personal assistant, Siri. I also have a Dictionary on my desk and there is one built into word. For my extended vocabulary I use a Thesaurus, which is also on my desk and built into word. Most of the posts that appear on my author page are proofread before posting by the Queen herself, or shortly thereafter by the Tiffany whose company The Marketing Mill handles my marketing. 75% of all the blogs I write are edited and proofed, I manage to sneak a couple by  their watchful eyes. I have a professional editor/proofreader who handles all the published works.

You see writing a book is not about how well you know the English Language, spelling, a huge vocabulary, or knowing the rules of the language. Writing is a passion that comes from within. Something you feel you must do. Your reward is a simple one, you make peace with your soul. The icing on the cake is your writing allows those who read it to escape to another world and forget what ever troubles are weighing them down, or bringing them pleasure on a rainy day.

Till Next Time,


Witch’s Dilemma: eBook Release WWU # 9-17

After five months of brisk sales of Witch’s Dilemma in Paperback, the time has come to release the eBook version. The eBook format will go on sale Friday March, 17 2017. You can preorder your copy now on Amazon to get a step ahead of the game. Price $5.99.

WD Book Poster WS

©2017 Joseph Clay

Book Cover Design by: Rick Chappell ©2017 Rick Chappell

“The devils you know are angels of mercy compared to the hell you are about to encounter.”

World-renowned paranormal psychiatrist and practicing witch Doctor Valerie Bell and her husband, computer genius and strip club-owner Adam Bell, have an unusual marriage, but when Adam goes missing and a mutilated body is found in his car, Valerie begins to fear for her safety. At first she uses her powers of witchcraft and her position as a profiler for the Fort Worth Police Department to help with the investigation, but when she receives a threatening ransom note from a madman she turns to a private investigator for help.

Levi West, mysterious, sharp-witted and sexy, has come to Texas to help two women, Debra and Patricia, who are in the care of the non-profit organization Basham House. The women have endured a terrible supernatural ordeal in the Congolese jungle, and Levi takes them to Valerie for psychiatric therapy. During their first appointment Valerie tells them about her husband’s disappearance and begs Levi for help. But with so many skeletons hiding in Valerie’s closet, how can he be sure that he can trust her?

With the clock ticking, Valerie faces a dangerous dilemma: come up with the ransom money or execute a risky plan to save her career and her reputation. Whatever she chooses, she must act quickly. Although she keeps the details of her past firmly locked away, unfolding events threaten to drop the key right into the hands of the wrong people, and Valerie only has one week in which to assemble an unstoppable team before somebody unlocks the door. Can she convince Levi to help her in time, or will her sordid past end up splashed across the six o’clock news?

As the investigation continues, connections are made between Adam’s disappearance and a series of brutal killings, the Salem Stake murders, which took place six years previously. The killer was never found, and the bodies of the thirteen victims were all discovered alone, in rooms locked from the inside. So when a message from the returned Salem Stake is found in Adam’s car, alongside the unidentifiable body, the police begin to wonder how he could be connected to the unsolved crimes.

Witch’s Dilemma is a novel filled with twists, turns and plenty of questions to keep you guessing. Will the mystery of Adam’s disappearance ever be solved? Who is behind the Salem Stake murders and is it too late to bring them to justice? And is there more to the police investigation than meets the eye? As loyalties change and sexual attractions burn sudden and fierce, every character learns the price that must be paid when confronting a life-changing dilemma.

Dive into Witch’s Dilemma for an explosive adventure packed with witchcraft, sex, betrayal and bloodthirsty vengeance.

The other blogs in the Witch’s Dilemma series: Texas Witching HourValerie and Associates Fort Worth Government LACN Investigations Rounding out the CastThe Bell Witch Haunting Some Things Can’t be Explained.


Book blurb written by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.

Witch’s Dilemma and blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.

From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author Weekly Writing Update #5-17


Hello again. This week I’m going to focus on the manuscript that should be heading across the big pond to the editor by the end of February or early March. I figure it’s about time Clare―my editor/proofreader and the owner of Human Voices Editorial Services―gets it back, since I had the first review from her in August of last year. I’ll start from the beginning.

The characters in Demons of the Jungle and Witch’s Dilemma came from the first manuscript I wrote, West on the East – Noon Judgement. I won’t spend a lot of time telling you about how that book or the manuscript review went. To read all about that, visit ‘Numbers to Words: My Journey from Engineering to Writing’.

Last year, while Witch’s Dilemma was going through editing, proofreading, formatting and all that goes into the final stages of getting a book published, I went back and dug out West on the East – Noon Judgement from the file cabinet. The process of dividing it up into several shorter stories began. From there, I placed the stories into two different series, with the first series called ‘The New Era’, and the first book in that series titled Rise from the Ruins.

[Note #1 to new authors, a rule to remember: never list in the back matter of your book the title of your next release, unless it is already written, edited and waiting to be published. Keep reading and you will find out why.]

Rise from the Ruins, just shy of 143,000 words, was completed and sent to Clare for a manuscript review on August 8, 2016. I figured since I had already written two books, I had this down pat, and I could possibly release Rise from the Ruins in mid-December in time for Christmas.

While the manuscript was being reviewed, I was writing the blogs and preparing the book release/signing party, with the help of The Marketing Mill, for Witch’s Dilemma, never giving Rise from the Ruins a second thought. Like I said, I’ve written two books, what could go wrong?

Later in August, the 23rd to be exact, Clare sent the manuscript review back (yes, she is fast and thorough). I opened the email thinking I would make the changes needed by the middle of September and get it back to her for editing and proofreading, and then to the publisher by November 1 for the December release.

This is the first paragraph from that manuscript review:

“I really enjoyed Rise from the Ruins. There’s a good mix of the supernatural and the real (eg: mental health issues, a very human story about a man trying to fill the shoes of the people who came before him). I also thought there were lots of humorous moments and witty dialogue, which balanced nicely with the darker material.

“Here are my suggestions.”

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, that’s about all the good there was in the four-page review. As a writer you know you are in trouble when there’s a Plot Graph Triangle on the first page, attached below.


(During the edit of this blog, Clare informed me where the above chart came from. I ventured on over and read the post in its entirety. The blog is titled, ‘To plot, or not to plot – that is the question …’, written by Kate Forsyth.)

[Note #2 to new authors, a rule to remember: remember this graph; it comes in handy when writing and checking your plot structure. Plus, take a few minutes and go read Kate Forsyth’s post, after you finish reading this blog, of course.]

With Clare being the professional she is, in each section (Plot, Writing Style, Characters, Settings) she always started off with the good, and then proceeded to the bad and ugly. Below is another excerpt from her manuscript review that sums it all up.

“So, you are missing a Midpoint Reversal and satisfying Climax. Essentially you need a moment when all the mounting danger becomes inescapably real, and everything Levi holds dear (ie: the ranch and its people) are unquestionably in danger, when Levi could be about to lose everything. Then there needs to be a climactic scene in which Levi defeats the enemies who are pursuing him (ie: the people who are after Betsy’s will), or at least one of these enemies, who can then set him up to continue the hunt in the next book. I don’t know if you play video games, but it’s like defeating increasingly difficult ‘baddies’ on the way to the big boss – in a series, you need to defeat a baddie in each book to give the reader that all-important feeling of victory that keeps them hooked.

“I have some plot suggestions that could give you these important moments. Of course, these are only ideas and it is your book so you should tell the story you want to tell, but it might help you to see what I mean by showing you in the context of your story.”

There were more issues than the plot, so my first thought was to shred the whole project and begin writing something else altogether. Since I had less than two months before the release of Witch’s Dilemma, I still had blogs to write and post, a party to plan and a manuscript to get to the publishers for printing. I decided that I could shred Rise from the Ruins later and filed the review with the manuscript.

Well, Witch’s Dilemma was released late October, and then before I knew it the holiday season was upon us and a new year had been rung in.

Three days into the new year, I began planning out my year. I had a lot of short story ideas and a lot already penned, so I decided to put those into a book titled The Tales of Joe. Then there were the tales that dealt with the erotic genre. These scenes were in my head or had been pulled from manuscripts. I would build short stories around them, and that collection would be called The Erotic Tales of Joe. Then I pulled out the manuscript review of Rise from the Ruins, and it once again crossed my mind to rip it into shreds, toss it into the bottom of the file cabinet and swear rats chewed it up. However, I trust Clare with my literary life, so I focused on the good and not the bad and decided it could be fixed, with a lot of work. Via email, Clare and I began discussing the changes; most of her suggestions I agreed with, but there were a couple I didn’t.

[Note #3 to new authors, a rule to remember: it is ok to disagree with your editor/proofreader as long as it is done in a professional manner and with respect. Trust me, they have forgotten more than you will ever know. Have a good reason why you don’t want to do it their way―you may want to make sure your idea is better than the one they are suggesting, so think about it first before putting your foot down.]

I thought we needed to add time to the front of the story; Clare didn’t like that idea as the beginning was in good shape and set the story up the way it should be. She suggested that a prologue may be the answer. I didn’t want to use a prologue as that breaks rule number #2 in Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing, plus my timeline was laid out so one was not needed, I thought.

I continued to write on the other two projects while I pondered a way to fix this mess called Rise from the Ruins. One day, during a break from the other two projects, I pulled down the two-inch red binder that is full of the notes, bios and history of the non-existent ranch in that story, and the family tree and the timeline through which this land came to belong to the family. Along with those notes I once again removed the bled-all-over West on the East – Noon Judgement manuscript and began reacquainting myself with the complete saga. Remember, I pulled this from the beginning of a huge manuscript written well over four years ago.

[Note #4 to new authors, a rule to remember: keep all your notes on your work and keep them organized. This holds true for any story idea you have, but especially for a series. An outline that you thought you wouldn’t need may be what you need now.]

Once that was done I thought back to any issues I had when writing Rise from the Ruins. One immediately jumped out at me: I had a hard time figuring out what scene should be used to end the first book. Choosing a wrong ending will make the middle and the beginning wrong also, or (as we see from the review excerpts from Clare) cause your editor to show you a plot graph. With all the research complete I saw the problems, and by the middle of January I had it figured out:

  • I had chosen the wrong ending point.
  • A main character had been left out of Rise from the Ruins; he is essential to the story as he is the lynchpin that gets everything going and sets the tone for the New Era series.
  • I was pulling from a manuscript, West on the East – Noon Judgement, that had started off wrong. I found in my notes that, for some reason, I had jumped in my timeline to the opening scene of Rise from the Ruins, not the true starting point of West on the East – Noon Judgement.
  • This meant I was essentially telling two stories in one book. One was boring as it was missing the element of urgency and suspense, and one wasn’t.

The fix: Clare was right. The beginning of Rise from the Ruins doesn’t need to be changed, but it’s not for this book. I was right in that I didn’t need a prologue, I needed a first book―which was already outlined in my notes but overlooked―that led up to the beginning of Rise from the Ruins, and that book needed to revolve around the main character that got all this started. The new title of the first book: Thunder Bear. The title for the second book, I think, will be… let’s just say I don’t have a clue and leave it at that.

[Note #5 to new authors, a rule to remember: learn from your mistakes, as a mistake repeated more than once is a choice and could become a habit. Yes, I have a title in mind, but the story is nowhere close to being ready to be published.]

I really don’t know if I’ll ever use Rise from the Ruins as a title, as the way it’s laid out now it doesn’t seem to fit anymore. [Note #6 to new authors: refer to Note #1.]

Till next week,



Blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices Editorial Services.


From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author. Weekly Writing Update #2-17


I have survived another week of hair-raising, do we need to call the cops or ambulance to the hood, drama. I’m proud to be able to come to you once again with an update.

  • Upcoming Book Review: The G. Michelle book review of Promise Me Always: Gabe & Evie (Bayou Romance Book 1) is in the works, maybe a few days late, like I said I’ve survived drama this week.
  • Upcoming Interview: G. Michelle has the interview questions, and is working on answering them. So we will say this project is in the works, but out of my hands.
  • Upcoming Interview: Tiffany Miller, owner of The Marketing Mill has agreed to the interview, so be looking forward to that.
  • Joes WIP: I have three writing projects I’m working on and the status is the same as last week.

Wow look at this we got some typing room left, so lets discuss websites and blogs, namely mine. If you have been following me for long you know I have a blog here on WordPress, Joseph Clay – Author Official Blog I also have an Official Website, Joseph Clay -Author Note (Removed due to Website relocation 2-8-2017). Now keep those two sites in your mind as I dive deep into the nightmare of website design. Oh yeah as an Independent Author I wear many hats, besides my Stetson.

Over the holidays I had thought about a way of combining the two, I called WordPress and Go Daddy, host of the official website, as it turns out there was no way to do so, without some money exchanging hands. Hell I haven’t even got Christmas paid off yet, so that was out of the question. So I kept pondering.

Then last Friday, I got a text from Dan owner of  Atomic Nashville, he had sold out of Witch’s Dilemma, my latest release, and needed more. After tearing my rotor cuff and dislocating my shoulder from patting myself on the back I removed two books from my inventory and headed out. Atomic Nashville is only three blocks from the house so I was there in no time replenishing his table. Once done I looked around and it hit me like an ACME anvil dropping from the sky. Character, locally owned corner bookstores have character. I wanted my official website, that I sell my books from, to have character. Offer the readers something more than books.

The Revamp of both sites began that afternoon. The testing of the official website and official blog was tedious. I had every computer in the house locked into one or the other, East Nashville I’m sure lost all internet service as I was sucking it all up.

I’ll cover the good stuff first and get into the technical later. I changed the name of the official website to Joes Bookstore and More (Removed due to Website relocation 2-8-2017). Catchy don’t you think. To get that home town cozy feel of a mom and pop bookstore I began adding items, after all it is a store, but yet still my Official Website. I wanted to keep the merchandise book related, then I thought, Joe you like to have too much fun, so we need novelties and gag gifts as well. Then I decided we needed gift ideas also, that could range from Jewelry to Leather Jackets. I also decided we needed books, hell I only have two published, what’s a book store with just two books. My family has a huge library of books, they are used, but in tip-top shape, so some of those will be for sale. I’m also going to try to hook up with other Independent Authors and see if I can offer their printed books on the site as well. Sitting back I once again began to think, did I leave anything or anyone out. Right before I got a headache, thinking does that to me, it came to me. I had forgotten the kids. So I added a kids section pronto. We began loading merchandise to the store on Monday January 1-16-2017, with a goal of three to five items a day. Go on over to Joe’s Bookstore and More, and browse around. Do me a favor let me know what you think by dropping me a line.

Now for the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say. During testing I noticed it was too hard for retailers to order my books. You see not everyone can send me a text or is located as close as Atomic Nashville. I came up with a system that worked beautifully during testing and implemented it revamping the Retail Orders/Distribution tab, making it easier for other bookstores to place an order on consignment or below retail. Next problem I encountered, if you wanted to read the blog you still had to go to the official blog site. With close to 400 followers I couldn’t shut the official blog down, so I did the next best thing. I added a blog tab, to the official website. Now customers can read my latest blog from there and if they want more, you guessed it, there is a link to the official blog site. By the time I was done the Official Blog and the Official Website mirrored one another, with links between the two where needed.

Till next time, keep reading and enjoying the escape a book can offer and go shopping at  Joe’s Bookstore and More.

Yours Truly,

Joseph Clay

From the Desk of Joseph Clay – Author. Weekly Writing Update #1-17

Hello everyone, after taking some time off for the holidays I’m back in front of the typewriter, well keyboard. Here is an update on what’s going on and what I hope to publish this year along with other news.

  • Free eBook: Friday January 13, 2017 will began a book give away, that’s right you read it here first, a book for free, by Ava Bell – Author. Check back here tomorrow, January 12, 2017 for the information and link to obtain your free book, C/curious Book 1 of The Tabu Series. Which is guaranteed to melt the snow from you’re your roof.
  • Upcoming Book Review: G. Michelle hit a home run (scored a touchdown for y’all football fans) right out of the gate with her first book Promise Me Always: Gabe & Evie (Bayou Romance Book 1). Proving that she is not just a pretty face but a very talented author. That review is scheduled to post before 1-20-2017.
  • Upcoming Interview: G. Michelle has agreed to pull up a chair and answer my twenty off the wall questions so we can get to know her a little better.
  • Upcoming Interview: I’m also hoping Tiffany Miller, owner of The Marketing Mill will also agree to an interview. Her company can help a lot of authors new and old with promotions, events, and more.
  • Joes WIP: I have three writing projects I’m working on. The first, The Tales of Joe, is a collection of short stories from over the years. Most of them are dark tales, but there is some light that breaks through a page or two. The second, The Erotic Tales of Joe. Once again a collection of short stories written over time, or scenes that were kicked from a book due to content and restructured for this book. The third Project and the one that will most likely be published first is the first book in The New Era Series – A Levi West Novel titled Rise from the Ruins. That title is subject to change to The Death of Thunder Bear or Charlotte Rises to Power, or something else. Subscribe to the blog and stay abreast of all the above works.

Tell next time, keep reading and enjoying the escape a book can offer.

Yours Truly,

Joseph Clay

Witch’s Dilemma: Some Things Can’t be Explained

Well, here we are – the last blog before the release of Witch’s Dilemma this Friday, October 21, 2016, with a big Halloween-themed party at Atomic Nashville, located here in East Nashville. I hope to see everyone there as I will be autographing books and answering questions.

My last blog covered the documented haunting of the Bell family in Adams, Tennessee. Whether you believe in witches, ghosts, spirits, the paranormal, or the supernatural, we all have to agree with Valerie in Witch’s Dilemma when she says, “some things just can’t be explained”.

Witch’s Dilemma contains four witches who all follow the Wiccan religion, its beliefs and rituals. These witches are all quite different from each other. One is bad and uses her craft for revenge; once that revenge is accomplished she ceases her evil and disappears. Then there’s the witch who also uses her power for evil, to intimidate and gain power, wealth, and prestige. She has no problem using her craft to teach people lessons and will destroy anyone who gets in her way. Then we have the good witch who uses her craft to do good, heal, and protect. The good witch is also faced with a dilemma, and must make a decision to protect those to whom she is indebted. The best way to describe the fourth witch is as a witch-in-training. After years of being lost, she is figuring out who she is and what she wants to do in life. The question is, will she thirst for power and be swayed to the evil side, or will she use her newfound gift to do good?

That covers the witches. Next we have a person with discerning spirits who can sense evil in others and can have visions triggered by smells. One character may or may not be a warlock; he doesn’t know and neither does anyone else, except for the spirit that protects him at all costs. This spirit can be ruthless one minute and help to save a life the next. When she taps into the energy of the maybe–maybe not warlock, her powers are unstoppable and she can’t be defeated.

Put all these characters and more in a book and there is bound to be trouble, feuds, attractions, and desires that must be quenched. In Witch’s Dilemma a particular Fort Worth detective feels the wrath of one of the bad witches on more than one occasion, a witch who also loves to please herself and others sexually through witchcraft. Another uses her craft to become a serial killer. These acts are just the tip of the iceberg, and with all the supernatural/paranormal activity filling the air, someone is going to die.

Witch’s Dilemma is a novel filled with twists, turns, and plenty of questions to keep you guessing. As loyalties change and sexual attractions burn sudden and fierce, every character learns the price that must be paid when confronting a life-changing dilemma.

Dive into Witch’s Dilemma for an explosive adventure packed with witchcraft, sex, betrayal, and bloodthirsty vengeance.

The other blogs in the Witch’s Dilemma series: Texas Witching Hour Book Teaser/Cover ReleaseValerie and AssociatesFort Worth Government LACN Investigations Rounding Out the CastThe Bell Witch Haunting.

Visit Joseph Clay’s Official Website and Bookstore

Witch’s Dilemma and blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.


 Hope to see everyone there!

Witch’s Dilemma Characters: Valerie and Associates

My first blog in the Witch’s Dilemma series, Texas Witching Hour, covered how the story and most of its characters came about. This week we will start introducing those characters. The characters live in the Fort Worth, Texas area, where the story takes place in October of 2010. The story revolves around Doctor Valerie Bell; today we will cover those who are associated directly with her and the roles they play. I’m not going to get into who the protagonists and antagonists are – that would give away the story. Instead, the following legend will let you know the role played by each character: (LR), Lead Character; (MR), Major Character; (SR), Supporting Character; (MI), Minor Character; and (HM), Mentioned Character.

Valerie Samantha Batts Bell (LR), aka Doctor Bell, Val – wife of Adam Bell. Doctor Bell is a psychiatrist who helps those who have been affected by a supernatural occurrence to understand and cope with the event; she is also contracted by the Fort Worth Police Department as their psychiatrist and profiler. Doctor Bell has aspirations of getting into politics; however, she must keep her many skeletons locked away if that is to happen. Valerie is a direct descendant of the witch Kate Batts, who haunted the Bell family in a documented haunting in Adams, Tennessee in the 1800s.

John Adam Bell (MR) – husband of Doctor Valerie Bell. Adam is a genius and a geek who works as a computer programmer and internet security expert. He is also the owner of the prestigious exotic night club, the Masqueraded Stallion, which at one time employed Danny Woodson, the last victim to date of the serial killer Salem Stake. Adam made his first million before leaving college and has not stopped making money since. Adam suffers from panic attacks and other mental disorders which interfere with his social life, and he has sexual issues that include erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Adam is a direct descendant of and named after John Adam Bell, the individual whose family was haunted by the Bell Witch, a documented haunting in Adams, Tennessee in the 1800s.

The marriage between Adam and Valerie is a strange one, to say the least. With his dysfunctions it is apparent that he can’t keep Valerie satisfied, and since the first of the year he has caught her with two different men. Do they have an open marriage or is she being promiscuous to help Adam with his disorders? Either way, that’s one skeleton that needs to remain behind closed doors – but will it?

Lori Ruth Hall (MR), aka Lil-Bit, Sweet Succulent Suzie – officer manager and receptionist for Doctor Valerie Bell’s psychiatric practice. Lori is a dedicated and bright employee. However, she has had a run of bad luck with her car. Valerie suggests she work for her husband, Adam, part-time as his accounts-payable person, but after being mugged on more than one occasion, Lori decides there is a faster way to get the money she needs for a new car. However, her decision may cost her more than money as she gets caught up in a tangled mess with a bouncer, a dancer, and Adam.

Greta Batts (SR), aka Doctor Batts, Doctor Aceso – Doctor Valerie Bell’s mother, doctor. Greta moved to England when Valerie was in college, after two of the members of the powerful family she was working for were tragically killed in Texas. The guilt began eating at her as she felt she had let the powerful family down by not saving their leader and his son. The remaining family members tried to convince her to relocate and live on their land, but Greta wanted to start over. Greta also has a few skeletons in her closet; she has kept the secret of who Valerie’s father is locked away, as well as her secret identity, which Valerie knows nothing about, and just what her job entailed with this powerful family from the eastern United States. If forced to choose, will her allegiance remain with the powerful family or, after all these years, will she side with her daughter?

Drew Beck (SR) – lawyer and owner of Beck and Beck. Drew Beck is one of the best in the business, and he is the personal lawyer of Valerie and Adam Bell, along with representing the companies they own. Drew gets caught between a rock and a hard place when Valerie and Adam can’t see eye to eye; he must drop one of them as a client in order to avoid a conflict of interest. Will he follow the money and keep Adam, or will he go with what Valerie offers: money and all the sex he can handle? Or will Drew’s main client, a powerful family from the east coast who pay the bills, make that call for him? Will they keep him on as their legal representative in Texas, or will they let him go now that his dad, who understood the family’s operations, has died?

Salem Stake (SR) – serial killer. It is believed that Salem Stake was responsible for 13 unexplained deaths between the years 2001 and 2002. All 13 people graduated from Tyler High in Texas, the same school from which Valerie graduated. The only clues the special task force had were a return address from Transylvania, Romania, the ashes of a special mixture of incense, and two sets of numbers. After Salem’s last victim, Danny Woodson (MI), was killed, one clue that was different at the Woodson scene seemed to indicate that the Salem Stake killing spree was over. But was it? Salem was never apprehended and it appears the killer may have returned to the area.

Next week we will cover the characters that are in and work for the city and state government, along with the Fort Worth police department. Are the government and police force running like well-oiled machines, or are there a few rats in each?

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Witch’s Dilemma and blog edited by Clare Diston @ Human Voices.

Wednesday Writing Update #1

Hello fans, thank everyone for supporting an unknown Independent Author. I know it’s past the middle of the year, but with so many projects going on I thought a weekly update was necessary, hence the reason it’s number 1.

My goal this year is to release four books, one of those will be a second edition, of the first book I released back in May of 2014, Demons of the Jungle. You can read why I decided to write a second edition in my blog, When is a second edition needed?

Demons of the Jungle second edition was released in Feb, 2016, so that’s one down. Demons of the Jungle is on sale at Amazon in paperback and eBook. You can order an autographed paperback edition from my website.  To read all about the creation and other information on  Demons of the Jungle just look under the Category ‘Demons of the Jungle’ on the left hand side. Demons of the Jungle Price: $5.99 for paperback $2.99 eBook, Demons of the Jungle is also available for NOOK and other readers.

My second release this year, Witch’s Dilemma, a Levi West novel and part of the LACN Investigations Series, is at this time in my WIP file. The manuscript review is complete, the corrections made , the first round of edits has also been completed along with the final proofread from the editor.  Witch’s Dilemma is now ready for the last in-house proofread, which is in progress. The cover art is complete, the inside illustrations are in the process and scheduled for completion 8-26-2016. Once they are complete I will place them in the manuscript, and send it to my formatter. The blogs leading up to the release of Witch’s Dilemma will begin posting here on 8-5-2016 and will continue for eight weeks. The book is scheduled for release 10-21-2016. The teaser has already been written; Witch’s Dilemma Teaser. A book release party is scheduled for 10-21-2016 at Atomic Nashville, this is an event you don’t want to miss so mark your calendars.

The third book,  I hope to release, Rise from the Ruins, this book is also in the WIP file. The manuscript is in its first draft,  80% complete and  scheduled at the editors by 8-1-2016.  Rise from the Ruins is also a Levi West Novel in the New Era Series, a paranormal thriller. Rise from the Ruins, starts Levi’s adventure when he turns 18, and inherits the billion dollar fortune his family has left him. Between his personal demons and mental disorders, plus the paranormal activity at the ranch and the fact that part of his job is to defeat them, he is not real sure he can take over or even wants to. Will a visit from his deceased grandmother and mom change his mind. Will a trip to the Garden of Sun, an uncharted and unheard of place on the ranch do the trick? Will he continue to fall for his best friend Elena, or will her being in the will cause problems? Will he be able to handle the two people he despises, Charlotte and Tiffany? Tentative release date for this book is 11-25-2016.

The fourth book titled A Princess and a Rebel, this book is also in the WIP file, the manuscript is in its first draft and only 30-40 percent complete.  A Princess and A Rebel is a twisted love story between an author and his publicist who is fighting for his attention while his divorce is still haunting him. This will be my first attempt of writing erotic, however the sex is part of the story, not the story which has a strong plot and a surprise ending.  The manuscript has not been scheduled yet for a review with the editor. The two above books that have not been released, I’m sure will make it to market this year. This one I’m not to sure about, but going to give it my beat shot.

Until next Wednesday keep reading and enjoying life, we only live once.

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To see how Joseph got started in writing read Numbers to Words: My Journey from Engineering to Writing

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