End of the Year Report – 2019

Issue 121 * Blog 34-2019 * Read Time: 4 Min * Section: From the Author’s Desk

Where did the time go? We all will be ringing in 2020 in less than 24 hours.

That means two things. One its time to party and bring in a new decade. I’m always up for a party whether it be in the streets or at home.

The second…it is time for my year end report. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. So why do it, you ask?

Sometimes I ask myself the same question. My answer is always this. A year end report puts the past to rest, records achievements and failures along with holding me accountable on my writing progress.

Before we get started let me thank all who visited, followed and read the blog in 2019. I also hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas that was filled with peace, love and joy.

Now lets get to the reason for the blog. How did I fair in the year 2019?

Put it this way if I received a report card for this year that had to be singed and returned. I wouldn’t take it home but forge the signature and return it hoping the teacher wouldn’t notice.

Health: “A”

The previous years of 2017 and 2018 I had health issues. Those medical problems hindered my ability to achieve some of the writing goals for those years. This year, 2019, I suffered no such set backs and for the most part stayed healthy.

Novel Goals for 2019: “F”

  • Release the re-write of – Demons of the Jungle
  • Release one new novel – Path to the Jungle (Title subject to change.)
  • Release a short story collection – The Tales of Joe (Title subject to change.)

This the most important goal for a writer. Releasing new material to the readers. I was positive I would at least release the re-write and one new novel. Didn’t happen and that disturbs me. However not all was lost on the writing front.

I did have a piece of flash fiction titled To Rest in Peace One must Die in Peace published in The Corral an online magazine.

The down side to that, I own the magazine.

Below are three blogs from 2019 that foreshadowed the fact that a new release was not coming in 2019. These blogs also cover some of the reasons.

Contest Submissions: “F”

This year my goal is to enter a minimum of 3 writing contests to various publications.

Nope, this didn’t happen either. The reason for the “F”, I didn’t enter a single contest.

Blog goals for 2019: “B”

My goal was to write and post 12 blogs in 2019 for this site.

Didn’t do bad here. I only fell two short, publishing 10 blogs.

Appearances: “F”

I have set a goal for at least three public appearances this year.

I had the chance to attend a couple of events in Franklin, Tn another in Clarksville, TN. That would have met my goal of three appearances in 2019. For some reason the timing was never right.

Brick and Mortar Stores: “F”

The two local book stores that carried my works have closed down. In 2019 I would like to pick up two more to replace those two. Please contact me using the form and let me know of any independent book stores that are in your area.

I was not contacted by anyone regarding how to get my works in their stores. I gave myself a “F” here because I myself didn’t call or visit one bookstore in 2019 to try and get my books in them.

Internet Sales: “A”

This year I will be adding a store to my website, Joseph Clay the Official Website, to sell my works directly.

Sales from my website will put more money in my pocket and all books will be autographed. All books will still be available on Amazon, but now the readers will have a choice.

This new store feature should be up and running by February 1, 2019.

Alright a goal that was accomplished. Joe’s Bookstore is up and running. Not only does it carry the printed format (Paperback) but you can also purchase the book in an eBook format, (PDF Only)

That will wrap up my 2019 year end report.

My hope for all in 2020 is to be prosperous in your endeavors. May the new year also bring everyone good health, peace and happiness.


Blogger: Joseph Clay

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